[Skript] Hub - UPDATE! RELEASE

Use this script to easily set a hub and teleport to it!

  1. Huge update 2/3!!

    New commands!
    /hub - Teleports yourself to the hub!
    /hub set - Sets the server hub!
    /hub admin - Shows the commands to the players with permission
    /hub info - Shows info about the script!
    /hub commands - Shows the commands for normal players
    /hubmessage <message> - Sends a message to all players in your world
    /tohub <player> - Sends a player or you to the hub
    /hub remove - Removes the hub if set
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  2. Huge update 1/3!

    Changed the layout of the plugin.
    use /hub help for the help!!
    use /hub help for all the admin commands you can use like /hub set