[Skript] Itemjoin 1.1

Item Join in skript version. Perfect for hub and lobby!

  1. malachiel
    Hi here, there is my official skript that i make because i don't see any goods stocker plugin, so i created it myself
    When this skript is active, any player that join the server it receive the configured items in their respective slot. These items can have a name and run a command.
    This skript will require only Skript without any dipendency.
    item1: compass
    slot1: 1
    itemname1: <light green>Item1 <light gray>(Click Me)
    command1: /somethinghere
    item2: workbench
    slot2: 2
    itemname2: <light green>Item2 <light gray>(Click Me)
    command2: /somecommand
    item3: bedrock
    slot3: 3
    itemname3: <light green>Item3 <light gray>(Click Me)
    command3: /somecommand
    1. Download this skript
    2. Download Skript from http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/
    3. Start the server with Skirpt plugin
    4. Put itemsjoin.sk into scripts folder (and configure it as you like by opening with any text editor
    5. Type /skript reload scripts
    6. Profit, and have fun!
    To do:
    - more ideas?
    Report in forum ^^

Recent Updates

  1. Added item names in options