[Skript] Jellylegs Jellylegs_v1.1

No Fall Damage - Cool Donator Perk

  1. FrostyPlayzMC



    1. Download Skript.jar
    2. Drag .jar file into folder plugins
    3. Start server​
    4. Open Skript > scripts> drag .sk in folder​
    5. In-Game run command /jellylegs reload​

    Code (Text):
    jellylegs.use » ability to use jellylegs
    jellylegs.reload » ability to reload jellylegs skript
    jellylegs.info » ability to display help page

    /jellylegs » Toggles ON/OFF
    /jellylegs reload » Reloads the skript file.
    /jellylegs about » Retrieves skript information

Recent Updates

  1. Simplified Code Help/Reload Feature

Recent Reviews

  1. minemidnight
    Version: v1
    This isn't very efficient at all, you shouldn't use on command since it will include "this is not a command" you should use command /Command: and have a trigger, "False" and "True" shouldn't be used, it should be a boolean as false or true and not even use false due to it takes up variable space and just makes more room. The easiest way to do this would be just:

    on damage of fall:
    victim is a player
    victim has permission "jelly.use"
    cancel the event

    Please fix your code and make it nice before releasing it.
    1. FrostyPlayzMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks for feedback il update soon.