[SKRIPT] Kill Counter Plus 1.3

Kill Counter

  1. klopari
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    My first skript!
    And now I think I need make this standalone plugin :LOL:

    So, this skript count kills.
    Monster kills
    Pvp kills
    Total kills (include animal kills to)
    You can modified every counter or make new counter. Include death counter
    Top 10 list
    And what is importat, you can set kills or reset back to 0 with admin permission. (reset reset everything for one player)

    If you want use kill reward you can find it [HERE]

    You need skript to running this!
    Download it here

    If you found bug, let me know in discord klopari#3144​

    please remember rate this skript :)

    Every counter what you do, need own permission.
    example: counter named "pvp" need permission node killcounter.pvp
    if you want use top list use permission node killcounter.pvp.top
    and if you want see other kills use permission node killcounter.pvp.other

    To make counter what count zombie kills and named zombie use commands:
    /kcpa counters create zombie
    /kcpa counters addmob zombie

    And if you want add mob in use counter you need select that counter first, example:
    /kcpa counters select mob


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