[SKRIPT] LHydration 1.1

Makes Minecraft unbelievably difficult!

  1. Lylac47_
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    ~\ Description /~
    LHydration is a Skript that brings a new wave of difficulty to your minecraft servers or worlds with its seriously dangerous Hydration mechanic that falls faster than a bag of steel. You can refill this Hydration bar in numerous ways from drinking water bottles and milk to drinking from lakes and eating apples and watermelons. This Skript is inspired by RLCraft with the idea coming from a user called Jaeger Danger. Icon was created by Sauce (a friend of mine, no idea if he has a spigot account) This Skript also has compatability with my other 2 skripts I have uploaded before this, LRadiation and Better Temperatures

    ~\ Installing /~
    To install LHydration you need a single plugin: Skript. Simply drag the .sk file into your scripts folder and then enter "/sk reload LHydration" into the chat and you'll get started with your adventure.

    Debuffs to Dehydration:
    Below 45 Hydration: Blindness 1
    Below 30 Hydration: Blindness 2 and Nausea 2
    Below 15 Hydration: Blindness 3, Nausea 4 and 0.5 Damage every 15 Ticks
    Below 5 Hydration: Blindness 4, Nausea 6, Poison 1 and 0.5 Damage every 15 Ticks and Random Sounds

    I'm still new to Skript so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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