Skript Manager 1.0

Skript Manager allows you to manage your Skript files in game!

  1. mega12345mega
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    Skript Manager
    A spigot plugin that lets you manage Skript files from in game.

    • /managedevs
      • Executable by the console, used to manage the players who can use /devskript
    • /devskript
      • Manage files

    • add <username>
      • Allows a player to use the /devskript command. Keep in mind they also need the permission "skriptmanager.manage" if they are not op
    • remove <username>
      • Removes a player from the list of players who can use /devskript
    • list
      • Lists all the developers. Can be ran by developers, but add and remove are console only

    • create <filename>
      • Creates a skript file with the file name
    • delete/remove <filename>
      • Deletes a skript file with the file name
    • view <filename> [page]
      • View a file 50 lines at a time; the first 50 lines are page 1, the second 50 lines are page 2, etc.
    • edit <filename> <url>
      • Edit a skript file and set its contents to the contents of the url. The url should be from, and make sure to click the "raw text" button after saving
    • edit <filename> -book
      • Players only! Edit a skript file and set its contents to the contents of a book your holding
    • rename <filename> <new filename>
      • Rename a skript file
    • copy-file-contents <filename>
      • Copy the contents of a file to your clipboard
    • list
      • List all the skript files
    • help
      • Display a help message

    This plugin currently only supports file paths without spaces, but does support folders. Keep in mind the server itself can have a file path without spaces; it is just relative to the scripts folder. Thus: - Valid
    some-folder/ - Valid
    test - Invalid
    a folder/ - Invalid
    a/b/c/d/e/ - Valid

    You also don't have to specifiy the .sk part, and you are not able to use non .sk extensions:
    file - Valid
    file.jar - Invalid
    file with spaces - Invalid