[Skript] MLG Skirpt 2015-08-17

A skript that makes your server the most dankest and MLG server suitable for hardcore players.

  1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
    Lol Unfortunately I made this.
    Not to be taken seriously but it was made if you are bored and feel like messing around in your server.

    Have you ever wanted your server to be MLG?
    Ever wanted to 420 noscope scrubs?
    Well gg. Now you can m8.
    Just download this Skript to start.

    Amazing Hardcore Features
    Gr8 mlg messages such as:
    *Hitmarker* - for when your quickscoping fails.
    You quickscoped a scrub! -When you quickscope with a bow.
    Rest in Spaghetii never forgetii -When you get quickscoped
    Lol get rekt m8! - to the people who you rek
    MOM GET THE CAMERA - to you after reking
    This skeleton is 2spooky4me - chance on hitting a skeleton

    Yes and to leave mystery and make you want to download there are other things that I have not listed. Lol.2muchmystery.

    Command /Lol - Turning this on will make send Darude Sandstorm messages everytime you type something in chat.

    Command /Lolno - Since its annoying as hell you can turn that off.

    Download the file from here.
    Extract the .sk from the folder.
    Go to your plugins in your server folder.
    Go to Skript folder.
    Go to scripts.
    Drop the .sk there.
    run or reload server. (or /sk reload)

    Latest version of Skript (duh)

    But wait? F&W -3 letters 3 sides on a triangle
    F&W = Illuminati Confirmed
    btw its probably buggy.
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Recent Reviews

  1. LachGameZ
    Version: 2015-08-17
    can't compile in java 3 pls help i got latest one rite?

    jk :) so 1337 i cun Xx359xX nosc0000upp uu xd
    wat1/?!?!? HAX
  2. keelan
    Version: 2015-08-17
    This is terrible. A waste of my time, get rekt skrub hahiwanttoratehigherbecausechearfulcanbeannoyinghahahhahahahhahahahhaha 10/10 Download now for free mountain jew!
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      Thats rude m9 apolijize to Chearful n0w. Reported
  3. Chearful
    Version: 2015-08-17
    Dunno why you'd want/need this but uhm ye :p
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      clearly says if you are bored and wanna mess around in your server but um yeh :p