[Skript] Obsidian to Lava! 1.0

Ever placed obsidian down or messed up a cobble generator and wanted the lava back? Now you can!

  1. Erric
    Before the hate on Skript, dont bother. I was in need of this, and it works. Don't like it, don't use it. I just though others might enjoy.

    This is a very simple Skript to return obsidian back in to a lava bucket!
    It was for a SMP, but figured others could use it for whatever Maybe skyblock or your own SMP!

    How it works:
    You right click a block of obsidian with a empty bucket, and it removes the obsidian and replaces the bucket with a lava bucket. As of now, there is no cool down or permissions. If I get enough requests for these, I will add them!

    How to install:
    1) Install Skript on your server. (Link)
    2) Start server then stop.
    3) Put the ObsidianToLava.sk in your skripts folder.
    4) Edit messages if you wish.
    5) Start server and enjoy!

    Planed Features:
    I might add a permission to use. And a cool down. It was for a SMP, but if you guys have any ideas let me know

Recent Reviews

  1. halowhoflungpoo
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic ty vm
    1. Erric
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words :)