[Skript] OwnGearArena 1.5

A PvP Arena using the player's own gear. Random spawns & configurable XP / item / durability loss!

  1. Pearl Fix

    Enderpearls may now be used in the arena. Configurable, defaults to true.

    And more misc code cleanups
  2. Variable Efficiency

    Clear unnecessary variables rather than setting to "false" (e.g. 'clear {pvp.ingame.player}'). Best not clog up your variables.csv

    Adidtionally, added support for skript 2.2 and json.sk death message formatting.
  3. Spectator Mode

    Added the command '/pvp spec'.

    Set the spectator spawn location using '/pvpadmin setspec'.

    Note, it is highly recommended that you have your arena defined in a worldguard region, to ensure players do not leave the arena with gamemode 3.

    Additionally, implemented an option to disable '/fly' in the arena.
  4. Infinite Spawn Support

    Support for any numer of spawn points, from 1 to infinity
  5. UUID Support

    Implemented UUID support so name changes do not reset player stats.