[Skript] Parkour Openings - Suggest additions. 1.0

Would normally used for Parkour openings, Possibly more add-ons

  1. peakee
    This is my "Parkour" resource,

    I got the idea a few months back when i first started to Skript, When a server said its a hard plugin to code so i gave it a shot a done it within a few hours.

    So this Skript plugin, Allows a player to walk upto the set wall and allow them to place a tnt on the wall and open it after a set amount of seconds This then would set a timer for 1minute to when the "Parkour" would open and after 1 minute the "Parkour" would close.
    Look below for examples.





    How to setup:
    Drag and drop Parkour.sk into your skript folder,
    /skript reload Parkour (ingame)

    1) Set your 2 corner points with any stick
    2) Use /parkoursetblocks (name) to set the area that will open
    3) Use /Parkoursettarget (name) to set where the tnt will be used

    Simple. Done.

    Todo list:
    - Add animations for opening sequence.
    - Add actual parkour elements
    such as score, Dont touch the floor etc

    Please Suggest things i could possibly add on to this.

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