[Skript] Pick Your Enchantments |v.4 Help and Level Crystals 4.0

Instead of getting a random enchantment from the enchantment table, you can pick them!+CustomEnchant

  1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
    Faze & Watch
    Hi there Mr.Faze&Watch here presenting you this skript.

    Pick Your[​IMG] Enchantments
    The title pretty much tells you a description of what it does. It lets you pick your[​IMG] enchantments instead of getting random ones that you might not like or find useless to you. Of course they still cost levels[​IMG] though. I'm 80% sure they are fair but if you don't think so then you should probably comment on this.

    How to use it.
    First get an enchanting table. (pretty obvious)
    Now we are going to upgrade[​IMG] it so you can pick your[​IMG] enchantments.
    All you need to do is place and enchanting table and place an emerald block under it. (Good luck if you don't have any villagers or live in the mountains.)
    There you are all set! Now to use it you have to right click the enchantment table with the item you want to enchant.
    If you want want the old enchanting table just right click it with any else.

    Here are some pictures.
    Enchanting a Bow.
    Enchanting a Sword.
    Enchanting a Chestplate.

    Enchanting a Helmet. (Helmet and boots are different because of the extra enchantments they have.)

    Includes all enchants!
    (Depth strider does not work.)
    You can only enchant things with possible enchants so no enchanting sticks or enchant a sword with efficiency or sharpness 100.
    -Adds Custom Enchants Only on Upgraded Enchantment Table
    Vampirism I -Sword
    Every time you damage someone or something you gain half a heart.
    Venom I -Bow
    Gives your bow poison tipped arrows poison your prey for a 5 seconds.
    Reanimation I-Chestplate
    If you are slayed by a player while wearing this enchant on your chestplate it will spawn a zombie to attack them
    Curse I-Helmet
    Fighting a close battle and leaving your enemy very low? This enchant will basically do 2 hearts of damage to your opponent if you die. Basically it gives you a chance to kill sweep your opponent on death.
    Planting I - Be able to plant with you hoe! Right click soil with your hoe to plant crops!

    But wait what if I don't want these enchants?
    Simple! I added a command to disable them.
    Do /CustomEnchants off
    Or /CustomEnchants on

    There are also Level Crystals that are dropped from most overworld hostile mobs. Right clicking on an enchantment table with them will give you 5 levels. These are only a 5% chance of being dropped so they are pretty rare.

    But wait F&W why do you keep giving me stuff I don't want?
    Don't worry you can disable it as well.
    /EnchantCrystal on
    /EnchantCrystal off

    Now added a /help so you don't need to keep coming here for commands.
    /help PickYourEnchants
    IGNORE 1.8 Enchants as it does not work.

    Make the skript more user friendly because as it is the thing is only customizable by a fellow skripter.
    Maybe change the emerald block thing?
    Nerfing it?

    Download the file from here.
    Extract the .sk from the folder.
    Go to your plugins in your server folder.
    Go to Skript folder.
    Go to scripts.
    Drop the .sk there.
    run or reload server. (or /sk reload)

    Latest version of Skript (duh)
    Also you'll need SkQuery.
    NOTE since some people dont know SkQuery is broken in 1.8. Use this link instead for a fixed version
    Both of those are plugins btw.

    Any suggestions?

    Is this thing missing anything?

    Any bugs or fails?

    Please post here or pm me.

    Feeling Generous? Donate here Plz. You don't have to though. www.donate-allianceuhc.cf


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Recent Reviews

  1. CoolPeople
    Version: 4.0
    Code is very long, yo're is amateur skripter.
    ------------ IT IS BAD -----------
  2. Guarmanda
    Version: 4.0
    Really good ressource, I wasn't searching for it, but it's original and rolleplay. Good job man, you're a good skripter here
  3. Qualityblocks
    Version: 4.0
    Can you possibly add all enchantable items? (Shovel,Hoe,Axe..Ect) i own a survival server so it would be really helpful!
  4. bloxParadise_
    Version: 4.0
    Can you add an option for HIGH enchants and LOW enchants? I have an OP Factions server and want enchants like from level 10-30
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      Okay but can you explain more in a pm or in the discussion.
  5. Beastsyndicate
    Version: 4.0
    A prefect skript thats are working reallly good, do not change the way how it works....
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      A perfect comment thats really good please do not change it...
      In all seriousness thank you for the review and I hope you are satisfied with my skript.

      So no nerfing?
  6. Bartuzen
    Version: 3.0
    Very good idea! But there isn't unbreaking. I added but you should add too.
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      Will look into for next update
  7. keelan
    Version: 3.0
    Pure legend
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      Love your music....
      You are legend as well.
  8. scareface
    Version: 2.0
    doesn't work for me! the skript seems to have 257 errors !! :o
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      You know you could have just asked for help first but whatever
      PM me I'm pretty sure I know whats wrong.
  9. Bartuzen
    Version: 2.0
    Very nice! Thank you!
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      You are welcome. :D
  10. Bolean
    Version: 2.0
    I love this
    1. Mr.FazeAndWatch
      Author's Response
      And I love the fact that you love it.