[Skript] Piggy Banks 1.0

Enderchests are Boar-ing! Have a pig manage your storage!

  1. Repticool
    Piggy Banks
    Enderchests are Boar-ing! Have a pig manage your storage!
    With this plugin you can create fun alternatives to enderchests! It will spawn a pig that will act as an enderchest, but it's a pig :).

    piggybank.create - Allows user to create a piggy bank with the command.
    piggybank.break - Allows user to break a piggy bank by punching it.
    piggybank.open - Allows user to open a piggy bank.

    There is only one command.
    /piggybank - This will spawn a pig at the location of the player that uses it. That pig will act as an ender chest. It will not move and it will have a colorful name.

    To install it's quite simple first get the plugin "Skript" as linked below.
    Once that plugin is added to your server, reload.
    Go to the "plugins" folder.
    From there go to the "Skript" folder.
    Then go to the "scripts" folder.
    Add this plugin into "scripts" folder.
    Do /skript reload PiggyBank and you're good to go!

    You can change messages inside the "PiggyBank.sk" text file inside of the "scripts" folder. (See above installation in order to locate the "scripts" folder). There will be a big a text section marked out where you can easily change the piggy bank messages!

    Icon Backlink: http://www.doublejdesign.co.uk

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Recent Reviews

  1. keelan
    Version: 1.0
    Makes my server less boar-ing xD. Does what it says :)
    1. Repticool
      Author's Response
      Yeah, don't let ender chests HOG all the attention :3