[Skript] Protect Your Server with LOG 2016-03-21

Today i'm going to shows you my "log" skript

  1. lkjum111
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    Today i'm going to shows you my new "log" skript
    This skript allows you to up security of your server.

    1/ Log
    This skript log all placement of:
    - Tnt
    - command block
    - obsidian
    - spawner
    This skript log all break of:
    - spawner
    This skript log:
    - Your first IP connection
    - Your IP each time you connect
    - Your ping each time you break block.

    2/ Config
    You can configurating the passname of file.log
    /root/McMyAdmin/Minecraft/plugins/Skript/logs/log/username of player/all_file.log

    3/ Add
    You can add more logging
    Its easy, juste copy/paste and change 3 values

    4/ Screenshot