[Skript] Referrals [Free] 1.0

This skript provides basic referral system to reward players for referring them to your server.

  1. Rop
    This is my first skript. It is a referral system for servers. Players get their own referral code and get rewards when someone uses their referral code. Both the one who gave the code and the player who used the code gets reward.


    ref.user - This is for normal players. Grants access to /activate, /code, /claim and /referhelp
    ref.admin - This is for server administrators. Grants access to /refercoderemove and /referlist


    /active <code>
    - Use this command to use someone's code. Each player can activate only one code.
    /code - This command generates a code for each user. Use it to check your code/generate a new one.
    /claim - Use this to claim rewards that you would get when someone has used your code. You get the reward x many times as x many players have used your code.
    /refercoderemove <player> - Use this to remove someone's referral code. They can use /code to get a new one after that.
    /referlist - Lists all the codes available.
    /referhelp - Use this to list all commands.

    1. /code to generate your code.
    2. Give your referral code to someone.
    3. Player with the code uses /activate <codehere>
    4. Both players get reward. Referred player gets reward when he activates the code. Referrer gets the reward when he uses /claim
    5. Use /claim to get your rewards

    1. Install skript 2.2 and skquery
    2. Put referrals.sk to your plugins/Skript/scripts folder
    3. Restart your server or /skript reload referrals.sk

    1. To change rewards, open referrals.sk with text editor
    2. Look for commented lines with # at the end of code.
    3. Change the commands to be executed / rewards to be given.
    4. You can also change the reward messages.

    Terms of use:
    Feel free to use this on your server and you can modify the skript if you wish. Just give credits to the original creator of the skript (me) if you edit it.

    Tip: Useful with Enjin points system/plugin! You can give the players points which can be used to buy stuff from donation store.

Recent Reviews

  1. 236410
    Version: 1.0
    Great job! The plugin is great! We are using your plugin in our network!
    Website: nitronet.ml
  2. keelan
    Version: 1.0
    Good skript, does what it claims to do and is better than 70% of skripts on spigot
    1. Rop
      Author's Response
      Thank you!