[Skript] SimpleParty 1.2

Powerful SimpleParty Plugin in Skript

  1. fikry13

    • /party - show party info
    • /party help - show help
    • /party create - create party
    • /party join <player> - join player party
    • /party invite <player> - invite player to party
    • /party kick <player> - kick player from
    • /party leader <player> - make player as new party leader
    • /party leave - leave party (not for leader)
    • /party setbase - set party base
    • /party base - teleport to party base
    • /party tp - teleport to party leader
    • /party disband - disband party
    • /party chat - toggle party chat

    • Party Chat
    • Party Base
    • Party Leader Teleport
    Known Bug

    • None

    • Party Effect Bonus
    • Item Share
    • Exp Share
    • Friendly Fire Toggle
    • any ideas?


    • Initial Release

    • Add Party Join
    • Add Party Base
    • Add Party Leader Teleport
    I make this in a small time. There's probably a bug that i dont realize, beacuse i just test most of basic stuff and not doing in-depth testing. Please report it on discussion if you found one. Thanks
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  1. Added more feature

Recent Reviews

  1. gotylerm
    Version: 1.2
    Its darn glorious! The only thing I would do is make something so that it would make party members join the game the leader joins.