[Skript,Skquery]RedeemCode v1.2

Redeem A Item Code!!

  1. Oskang09
    Easily Set Up And Give Redeem Code To Players!!!
    MultiRedeemCode Setting!!
    Support colorcode or lored item!!
    Have Any Problem or Bug Please Post At Discussion


    • /axh create - Set Current Inventory of player to a code
    • /axh list - Show The Pass Has Not Yet Used
    • /axh help - Show Admin Commands
    • axh.admin -admin commands permission
    How to install
    1. Requitment-Skript , Skquery
    2. Install skript , skquery
    3. Go to the directory plugins/Skript/scripts
    4. Drop the itempass.sk in there
    5. Do /skript reload all
    6. Profit
    Plugins Toturial
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Recent Updates

  1. Added News
  2. Fixed Some Commands

Recent Reviews

  1. sammei19021
    Version: v1.2
    Amazed by your plugin. It's really good, but I have a suggestion. Can you make it that when you created a code, it has 100 attempts before the code runs out? (limited code)
    1. Oskang09
      Author's Response
      hmm the useable times?