[Skript] SkriptCore Reloaded 1.0.4

Awesome and simple to use core made in Skript

  1. Tacoshell
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    • 1.8
    • 1.16
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    SkriptCore Reloaded

    Awesome and simple to use core made in Skript

    - /list
    - /gmc
    - /gms
    - /gma
    - /gmsp
    - /feed
    - /heal
    - /alert
    - /mutechat
    - /sc
    - /rename
    - /lore
    - /spawn
    - /grant
    - /skhelp
    - /enchant

    Code (Text):

    #Global Settings:
    prefix: &e&l&oSkriptCore &7>&f
    #Join Settings:
    joinmsg: &7[&e+&7] &e%player%
    quitmsg: &7[&e-&7] &e%player%
    #Join MOTD Settings:
    line1: "&r"
    line2: "&7&m--------------------------------"
    line3: "&f"
    line4: "&fWelcome &e&o%player% &fTo &e&lSkriptCore Reloaded"
    line5: "&r"
    line6: "&eSocial Media:"
    line7: " &7•&f &eTwitter&7: &[email protected] and @TopsmoksL"
    line8: " &7•&f &eDiscord&7: &nComing Soon"
    line9: " &7•&f &eStore&7: &nComing Soon"
    line10: " &r"
    line11:" &7&m--------------------------------"
    #SetSpawn Settings:
    spawnsetmsg: Spawn has been set
    setspawnpermission: SkriptCore.SetSpawn
    #Spawn Settings:
    spawnmsg: You have been Teleported to Spawn!
    #Gamemode Settings:
    gamemode0perm: SkriptCore.Gamemode0
    gamemode1perm: SkriptCore.Gamemode1
    gamemode2perm: SkriptCore.Gamemode2
    gamemode3perm: SkriptCore.Gamemode3
    gamemode0msg: &fSet game mode &eSurvival &ffor &e%player%
    gamemode1msg: &fSet game mode &eCreative &ffor &e%player%
    gamemode2msg: &fSet game mode &eAdventure &ffor &e%player%
    gamemode3msg: &fSet game mode &eSpectator &ffor &e%player%
    #Rename Settings:
    renameperm: SkriptCore.Rename
    namemorethen20: Name more then 20 words.
    mustholditem: You must to hold a &eitem
    renameusage: Usage: /rename &7(&etext&7)
    renamemsg: Changed item name to&e
    #Lore Settings:
    loreperm: SkriptCore.Lore
    loremsg: Changed Item Lore to&e
    #List Settings:
    listmsg: Online Players&7:&e
    #StaffChat Settings:
    staffchatperm: SkriptCore.StaffChat
    staffchatusage: Usage: /staffchat &7(&etext&7)
    staffchatseeperm: SkriptCore.StaffChat.See
    staffchatmsg: &7[&e%player%&7] &f%arg-1%
    #Grant / SetRank Settings:
    plugin: PermissionsEX #Types: GroupManager , PermissionsEX , LuckPerms. | Make sure to type them currectly with Capital!
    grantperm: SkriptCore.Grant
    grantrankmiss: &fRank Was Not &eSupplied
    grantplayernotfound: &fPlayer Not &eFound
    grantmsg: &fGave &e%arg-2% &fTo &e%arg-1%
    grantgavemsgtootherplayer: &fYour rank Have been updated to &e%arg-2%
    #MuteChat Settings:
    mutechatperm: SkriptCore.MuteChat
    chatmuteadminperm: SkriptCore.MuteChat.use
    chatmutedmsg: &c&lChat muted by &r&c%player%
    chatunmutedmsg: &a&lChat unmuted by &r&a%player%
    chatmuteplayermsg: &cChat is currently muted
    #ClearChat Settings:
    clearchatperm: SkriptCore.ClearChat
    clearchatmsg: &fChat Cleared by &e%player%
    #Heal Settings:
    healperm: SkriptCore.Heal
    healmsg: &fYou have been &eHealed
    #Feed Settings:
    feedperm: SkriptCore.Feed
    feedmsg: &fYour appetite was &esated
    #TPHere Settings:
    tphereperm: SkriptCore.TpHere
    tpheremsg: Teleported &e%arg-1% &fto &e%player%
    #Alert Settings:
    alertperm: SkriptCore.Alert
    alertmsgnotfound: Usage: /alert &7(&etext&7)
    alertprefix: &7[&4&lAlert&7]&f
    #Enchant Settings:
    enchantmsg: &fThe enchantment &e%arg 1% &fhas been applied to your item in hand
    enchantperm: SkriptCore.Enchant
    enchantairmsg: &cYou have nothing in your hand



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