[Skript] Stacker 0.9.1

You can steal player and put it on head and launch them! Togglable item with on/off included!

  1. malachiel
    Hi here, there is my official skript that i make because i don't see any goods stocker plugin, so i created it myself
    When this skript is active, any player that join the server it receive a item for enable stocker (configurable), it mean when it join stacker is default off.
    For ride a player both player must have stocker item set to enabled, it also allow multistock.
    Also if somesone ride you, it can be forced to dismount by hitting him.
    Only players can be rided.
    Stocker.item.on: emerald block
    Stocker.item.name.on: <light green><bold>Stocker enabled!
    Stocker.item.off: redstone block
    Stocker.item.name.off: <light red><bold>Stocker disabled!
    Stocker.message: "Both players must have Stocker on!"
    Stocker.worlds: "put here the worlds where you want plugin enable"
    1. Download this skript
    2. Download Skript from http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/
    3. Start the server with Skirpt plugin
    4. Put stocker.sk into scripts folder (and configure it as you like by opening with any text editor
    5. Type /skript reload scripts
    6. Profit, and have fun!
    To do:
    - launch player like mineplex
    - permissions
    - more ideas?
    Report in forum ^^

Recent Updates

  1. Removed permission string
  2. Nothing
  3. World permission and item check!

Recent Reviews

  1. Sidiju
    Version: 0.9.1
    Verry Good Inspiration!
    i make that stacker thing on my server now but with real plugins xD
    thankyou for the Inspiration
    i saw how it worked and i love it!
    100% working, 100% nice!, 100% LIKE!
  2. Wynnevir
    Version: 0.9
    Very cool, and works well^-^
    1. malachiel
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
  3. Wizzed
    Version: 0.9
    Nice Stacker skript i like it, it will be good for hub servers in all like mineplexs but good jon man :D <3
    1. malachiel
      Author's Response
      thank you a lot, i will try to to do it :)!