[Skript] Staff & Donator Chat! [1.0]

Want your staff members to have a private chat? Get it here!

  1. DerpyBadger
    Hey there! I present to you my Staff & Donator skript! Make sure to leave a review and let me know what else to add!

    Installation Instructions:

    You must first install Skript & SKQuery [See below] and restart your server. Then, go into the "Skript" folder, then into "scripts" and drop the skript [From the .zip] right into there. Do "/skript reload all" in game and you're good to go!

    How it works:
    This is a perk that you guys can give to your donators! Also it let's you and your staff talk so no other non-staff members can view this!

    Commands & Permissions:
    Staff Chat:
    Command » /sc [Message]
    Permission » skript.staffchat
    Donator Chat:
    Command » /dc [Message]
    Permission » skript.donatorchat

    Required Plugins:
    You must have Skript installed on your server! You must also have a permissions plugin [I recommend Permissionsex]

    > http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/779/542/Skript.jar
    > http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/816/515/SkQuery.jar
    > http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/files/43-permissions-ex-v1-23-2/

    Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy! Also make sure to leave a review and suggestions on what to add. :p
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Recent Reviews

  1. AROD2003
    Version: [1.0]

    I would like it if you could add a Moderator, Admin, and Developer chat perhaps? And maybe a Member chat. Other than that, great job!