[Skript] Stop the Dragon Egg 1.1

What makes this script is to prevent that the dragon egg moves when a player clicks.

  1. SamuelCnc3
    What makes this plugin is to keep the dragon egg from moving your site when a player clicks on the.This script is designed for mini-games.It is compatible with all versions of Minecraft.

Recent Reviews

  1. OverBlueSkyOBS
    Version: 1.1
    It's honestly terrible, all it does is it cancels the event and the author has the audicity to credit himself every time the script is loaded and unloaded.
    1. SamuelCnc3
      Author's Response
      This skript is from 2015, where I was literally learning all the basics of Minecraft (Skript and then Java). I really don't know what you were expecting, but it literally does what the description says xddd.

      PS: If you're so bothered by the message on the console, I invite you to make your own Skript instead of complaining about absurd things.
  2. Kopsukka
    Version: 1.0
    So all it does is cancel dragon egg moving on rightclick and on leftclick it breaks it with a command I haven't heard of before?

    (Also, it doesn't work with all minecraft versions, there is no skript in ex. 1.2 beta)