|Skript| Token System [1.9 compactible] 2.0.2

Nice and clean Token system on Skript. Very easy to use and setup!

  1. Added a message customazion

    Added a feature to custom every word in the code
  2. Tokens with physical item!

    New update, i added a feature that you can withdraw specific amount of tokens to a physical item and claim it aswell.
  3. Complete recode, added a new sign feature!

    Complete recode.
    Added a new feature to check your balance when you right click on a sign
  4. Added take command

    This update is really small, i just added a take command so you can enter the amount of tokens you want to take from certain player.

    Comment on what you would like me to add next
  5. Updated download link

    Sorry for having to make an update for just updating the link!
  6. Cleaner code

    Tomorrow i will be realising a mini game that will use this token system!
    Cleaned up a code a bit.