[Skript] Trampolines Plugin [1.8] 1.0

A funny Trampolines plugin that you can make MiniGames and Parkours.

  1. SrFox3999
    This is a funny trampolines plugin that you can make minigames le parkours with it.

    trampolines.gui - Open the trampolines menu
    trampolines.use.lightgreen - Use the lightgreen trampoline
    trampolines.use.yellow - Use the yellow trampoline
    trampolines.use.orange - Use the orange trampoline
    trampolines.use.red - Use the red trampoline
    trampolines.nofall - Don't have fall damage

    /trampolines - Used to Open the trampolines menu
    /trampolines help - Used to view the trampolines help

    Follow the steps below:​
    1. Download the .sk file on this page​
    2. Put it inside the folder Skript/scripts​
    3. Restart(or reload) your server​
    4. Done!​

    This plugin depens on:​
    • Skript(can be found here)​
    • SkQuery(can be found here)​
    • WildSkrip(can be found here)​
    Leave your review video and I will put here

    Server Using:
    servidorec.sytes.net (1.8 Cracked/No Premium)

    You can contact me by Skype (srfox3999) or with a PM.
    Se hablar Español para los que no sepan Inglés​