[Skript] Trampolines Plugin [1.8] 2.0

A funny Trampolines plugin that you can make MiniGames and Parkours.

  1. SrFox3999_YT
    This is a funny trampolines plugin that you can make minigames le parkours with it.

    trampolines.gui - Open the trampolines menu
    trampolines.use.lightgreen - Use the lightgreen trampoline
    trampolines.use.yellow - Use the yellow trampoline
    trampolines.use.orange - Use the orange trampoline
    trampolines.use.red - Use the red trampoline
    trampolines.nofall - Don't have fall damage

    /trampolines - Used to Open the trampolines menu
    /trampolines help - Used to view the trampolines help

    Follow the steps below:​
    1. Download the .sk file on this page​
    2. Put it inside the folder Skript/scripts​
    3. Restart(or reload) your server​
    4. Done!​

    This plugin depens on:​
    • Skript(can be found here)​
    • SkQuery(can be found here)​
    • WildSkrip(can be found here)​
    Leave your review video and I will put here

    Server Using:
    servidorec.sytes.net (1.8 Cracked/No Premium)

    You can contact me by Skype (srfox3999) or with a PM.
    Se hablar Español para los que no sepan Inglés​

Recent Reviews

  1. vbooom
    Version: 2.0
    i tried running this plugin but it kept lagging out my server, fix please. im running 1.10. it's not working. why do none of your plugins work????
  2. Tlsslurp
    Version: 2.0
    Works amazing now, no problems everything is fixed. Amazing plugin. I will honestly probably use this on my server.
    1. SrFox3999_YT
      Author's Response
      Can you send me the IP please?
  3. Tlsslurp
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing plugin, I fixed the bugs and sent you the new version. I never thought this was possible in skript. update it please.
    1. SrFox3999_YT
      Author's Response
      Where do you send my the new plugin? My skype is srfox3999 if you needed
  4. i998979
    Version: 1.0
    Worst skript ever
    You are not good at skript.
    Permission before trigger, don't execute command, use command to push player
    It is totally horrible.
    And your skript not act as hy...el's one
    Dont try to use the name to fake people
    Simulating a exist game is not that easy
    Learn more skript syntax before you release your project.
    1. SrFox3999_YT
      Author's Response
      Already I fixed all errors!
  5. MartinaeyNL
    Version: 1.0
    Sorry, but your script is full of errors and mistakes. Maybe you have to check first if the script doesn't give errors, instead of just uploading it.

    First "ok load" has to be "on load", and your permission syntax is wrong, and what is "don't execute the command"?, and there can't be a else with the trigger..

    So first check if you have no errors instead of just uploading it :)
    1. SrFox3999_YT
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'm checking the errors