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God,Fly,Vanity,StaffGUI, HardMode and more:)

  1. ImOffline

    "HardMode Incoming!" Update (2.0 Release)
    Newest versions on:

    Skriptangular is skript that add some interesting and useful features to your Survival server.

    List Of Features(Permission):
    Items Soulbounding for money or free:

    -/soulbound - set cost in options to 0 to make it free. That prevent drop of soulbounded items on death

    •God/Fly/Vanish toggle:
    -/god - allows to prevent player from dealing/taking damage(sktl.god)
    -/fly - allows player to fly. Also prevent damage taking by fall(
    -/vanish - allows player to hide from all players. Also player will be hidden on tab list.(sktl.vanish)

    •Getting player's skulls:
    -/head [nickname] - allows to get typed player's head/skull(sktl.heads)

    •Kits system:
    -/kit [kit name] - get typed kit
    -/kits - admin command. If there is no arguments then it will show help message. You can create kits with permission, example:
    Create kit with command /kits add test tester - it will create kit named "test" with "sktl.kit.tester" permission needed.

    •Staff GUI:
    -/seestaff - allows to see online players with permission "sktl.staff"(sktl.staff.see)

    •Warps system:
    -/setwarp - set warp to your position and add this warp to warps list(sktl.warp.admin)
    -/delwarp - remove warp from warps list
    -/warp - teleport to warp from warps list

    -/helpop - send message to HelpOp chat which see only players with permission "sktl.staff"(For getting help i think)
    -/hpa - allows to answer player like a private message but with HelpOp prefix

    •Private messages:
    -/msg - send message to specific player
    -/ignore - add or remove player to or from Ignore list. That prevents receiving private messages from players in your Ignore list.
    -/gignore 0/1 - toggle global ignore. Prevents receiving private messages from all players.

    -/broascast - broadcast message to all server without any nickname. Supports color codes like &a, &b, &c, &1 e.t.c.(sktl.bc)

    •MOTD change:
    -/motd - change server's motd. Supports color codes(sktl.motd)
    -/resetmotd - reset Skriptangular motd and change motd to default in your config.

    •Weather GUI:
    -/wgui - open GUI that allows to change weather to another by one click(sktl.wgui)

    •Gamemode faster switch:
    -/gms,/gmc/gma - allows to change your gamemode quicker

    •On-join title:
    -You can enable/disable this, configure title/subtitle and it's duration

    •Update notify:
    You will see message about new update of Skriptangular on join(if you are opped)

    All hostiles and world are going to be harder...
    -Legendary drops for Wither Skeleton
    -Poison debuff for hits by Zombie
    -Slowness debuff for hits by Wither Skeleton
    -Blindness and Slowness debuffs after death

    1.You need to installed Skript 2.1.2
    2.You need to installed SkQuery 3.22.1
    3.You need to installed Umbaska 2.0

    4.Put .sk file in directory(remove older version if their name isn't equal)
    5.Type /sk reload skriptangular on your launched server
    6.Feel free to play

    Leave suggestions in "Discussions" or PM me. Also PM me if there's bugs. Please, leave a reviews;)

    To-Do List:
    Add ton of HardMode features
    -wait for your suggestions;)

    •Downloads Goals:
    50 dowloads - completed. Thx you all:)
    100 downloads - Guys, thanks;)
    150 dowloads - pretty easy:3
    250 dowloads
    500 dowloads
    1000 dowloads

    •Also try:
    -BattleLog - check out your fights.
    -CustomPots - create your own potions with potions backpack.

    I will help you with any problems if:
    -If you didn't changed anything besides string(translation) or allowed to configure options
    -If you check installation tutorial properly and did all right​
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Recent Reviews

  1. JKGamerxD
    Version: 2.0
    Exellent Skript, keep work! and more ideas :D

    ?) = likely

    - /reply command | to reply received privated messages.
    - /top command | to teleport to the top.
    - /unstuck command | to unstuck a bugged player.
    - /randomtp command ?) | to teleport a random location.
    - /tpa command | to teleport to other player.
    - /tpahere command | to teleport player to your coords.
    - /tpdeny command | to deny tpa request.
    - /cycle command ?) | to change metadata of blocks.
    - /spawnmob command | to spawn any mob.
    - /enderchest command | to see you ender chest or other player ender chest(with permission to view other player ender chest and permission to edit items in enderchest)
    - /inv command | to see and edit inventory of player.

    This is my ideas and much more! like this :D
    1. ImOffline
      Author's Response
      Nice to hear that, thanks for 5ed review. Will see into it but then it will be more required but it's not so problem:)
  2. _karton_
    Version: 0.3