SkriptBans - Custom banning Version V1.1 27-7-2016

Custom banning system with SKRIPT

  1. MasterHunter2003
    Hello, This is my first SKRIPT on SpigotMC. I hope you guys like it!

    This SKRIPT is a fully custom ban system,

    - Tempban
    - Untempban
    - Tempcheck
    - Ban
    - Unban
    - Bancheck

    - /tempban (Player) (Reason) (Time) - Tempbans a player
    - /untempban (Player) - Untempbans a player
    - /tempcheck (Player) - Checks if a player is temp-banned
    - /ban (Player) (Reason) - Bans a player
    - /unban (Player) - Unbans a player
    - /bancheck (Player) - Checks if a player is banned
    - /skriptbans - Shows you all of the commands
    - /info - Shows the credits
    - /ipban - NOT WORKING

Recent Updates

  1. UUID Support added!

Recent Reviews

  1. SpxgotCupex
    Version: Version V1.1 27-7-2016
    Nice script, but im missing a /mute and /tempmute command

    And if u could do /unban and /untempban in one command that both of the variables are deletet
  2. MisterBasic
    Version: Version V1.1 27-7-2016
    I downloaded this and it works very well. I know the last update was in 2016 but I tried to add muting into it and finally got it but the variable names are very inconsistant. All the variables have "db_" at the beginning but some of the variables in the code do not have "db_" So I don't know what you were trying with it. Maybe relook at the code. Amazing skript though.
  3. mikkel1239
    Version: Version V1.1 27-7-2016
    REALLY GOOD i like this skript because its so easy but all of the commands like Tempcheack and Bancheck is a seperate command??? and there is no way to see the reason the got banned else it is good :)
  4. iNickson
    Version: Version V1.1 27-7-2016
    I feel like this is stolen.. from.. Reddit? Sorry md_5 for mentioning reddit, but i legit saw the same code from a reddit user. Nice steal
    1. MasterHunter2003
      Author's Response
      Hello there, I have never stolen any code? Also, could you link me the reddit then. Remember that this code is from november 21, 2015 and the last update was on juli 27, 2016.
  5. SirHawkEye
    Version: 2015-11-21
    Awesome! It isn't UUID compatible (I believe), which could be a problem. If you want to fix IP-banning, you cannot get an IP with an "on connect" event, you'll need to use "on join". You can set those join and quit messages to "" if you want it to be like they never joined.

    Keep up the great work :)
    1. MasterHunter2003
      Author's Response
      The UUID wasn't needed for my network, so because of that i didn't make that. The player name was enough :D i thought i changed those on join/ on quit messages to "". But thanks!
  6. WaterXCubic
    Version: 2015-11-21
    Great plugin!Although i don't use it,but its awesome as it uses skript!!!!
    P.S. To the review by Zommer0532,many servers customize there own plugin,noobs like you only know how to use essentials.
  7. MClaus
    Version: 2015-11-21
    5 Stars for your first plugin
    And don't mind the retard below ↓