SkullLibrary 1.0

Save skulls in a fantastic library!

  1. iAmGio
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    Save skulls in a fantastic library and get them in every moment!


    /skulllib - Alias /skullib
    View all saved skulls

    /skulllib <skull> - Alias /skullib <skull>
    Get a saved skull

    This permission is also divided in skulllib.give.simple and skulllib.give.complex.


    Here you can save your skulls.

    Code (YAML):
    # SkullLibrary by iAmGio
    # Insert your skulls shortcuts with [email protected]@args.
    # Use 'simple' or 'complex' as type.
    # simple = only skull owner
    # complex = skulls with tags like 'texture'. Complete list:
    - [email protected]@mhf_apple
    - [email protected]@{display:{Name:Lemon},SkullOwner:{Id:09d10b7a-f525-412c-bedf-b2fe7c8bfc70,Properties:{textures:[{Value:eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvOTU3ZmQ1NmNhMTU5Nzg3NzkzMjRkZjUxOTM1NGI2NjM5YThkOWJjMTE5MmM3YzNkZTkyNWEzMjliYWVmNmMifX19}]}}}

    A line is structured as this:
    [email protected]@args

    SkullName = name of the skull
    Type = simple or complex.
    Simple skulls are, for example, "iAmGio_" or "MHF_apple"; complex skulls are skulls with tags like "texture".
    You can find complex skulls here.
    Args = arguments to get the skull. If the skull is simple, insert only the owner; if it's complex, insert tags.


    If you have issues with the plugin or if you want to give me some hints, you can contact me here:

    Code (Text):
    Telegram: iAmGio_O
    Skype: Gio2705_

    Please don't write reviews here like "not working", please describe your issues.


    Downloading this plugin, you cannot:
    • Decompile it and view the source code
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anto26
    Version: 1.0
    solo una domanda, ma almeno sai cosa è una libreria? chiama il plugin solo skull, lib non centra nulla xD
    1. iAmGio
      Author's Response
      ._. È metaforico libreria