SkullMarket 1.1

Selling skulls through signs hasn't been easier.

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    About Skull Market
    Skull market is a sign-based plugin, meaning the entire plugin is based on sign placements and its contents, in which you can sell both Player skulls and Mob skulls. The signs are saved upon server disconnection in the data.yml file, and reloaded once the server starts. It currently only has the option to buy skulls; however, in the near future the option to sell might be implemented.

    Using Skull Signs is simple. The process is similar, if not equal, to Essentials' Buy and Sell signs.
    In the first line you write [Skull], in the second line you add the amount of items to be sold, in the third line you write the owner of the skull(s) — if you wish to use Mob skulls type MHF_MobName — and in the 4th line you add the dollar icon plus the price as integer. Here's an example:


    There's not a "real" need for commands; however, the plugin includes a feature allowing server admins to delete and list ALL existing Skull Signs.
    Usage: /skullmarket reset | /skullmarket list
    Aliases: /sm

    In order for Skull Market to work, this plugin requires Vault enabled on your server. Skull Market gives server admins the option to rename/relore the skulls being bought, including a placeholder for the Buyer and one for the Owner of the skull(s).
    Click HERE to view the config.yml

    skullmarket.*: Inherits all permissions.
    skullmarket.create: Permission that allows players to create a SkullSign.
    skullmarket.break: Permission that allows players to break a SkullSign. Permission that allows players to use a SkullSign.