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SkullRedeem 1.1

A plugin which will give rewards to player on redeeming the skull of the player!

  1. Ayush_03
    Skull Redeem


    => Skull Redeem is a plugin for spigot. When a player (killer) kills another player, the killer will get the head of the player who died. When the killer would place it on the ground, skull would be set to air and the killer would get a random reward specified in the config.


    => No commands at the moment.


    * sr.redeem :- Permission to give the ability to redeem the skull.


    Code (Text):
    # Main configuration

    # One of the command will randomly executed on skull redeems.
    - eco give %player% 5000
    - eco give %player% 1000

Recent Updates

  1. Added configuration.

Recent Reviews

  1. Raiders_United
    Version: 1.1
    player's about to spam redeem when placing head in worldguard region and gain rewards without lose of the skull
  2. andrewromero233
    Version: 1.1
    I will try the plugin now but if you could add custom messages on placement of the head or the custom name and lore on the head it would be awesome :D
    1. Ayush_03
      Author's Response
      I will do option for custom name. And the skull has the lore the name of the player's head.