SkUniversal 2.6

Skript addon that provides support for a variety of plugins.

  1. Version 2.6

    - Updated to PlotSquared 4.0
    - Fixed PlayerPoints balance expression
    - Fixed LuckPerms player suffix expression
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  2. Version 2.5.5

    - Fixed typo in plotsquared plot at location syntax
  3. Version 2.5

    - Added negative variants of conditions
    - Added PlotSquared plot enter/leave event

    - Changed some syntaxes
    - Fixed some stuff
  4. Version 2.3.5

    - Added LuckPerms group change event
    - Updated Shopkeepers syntaxes to latest version (the expressions are now ID based, see documentation)
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  5. Version 2.3

    - Added create Slimefun category effect
    - Added create locked Slimefun category effect

    - Fixed custom Slimefun items not working with air in recipes
  6. Version 2.2.5

    - Fixed LuckPerms demote event
    - Updated SkyWars (CookLoco) syntaxes to latest version
    - Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements
  7. Version 2.2

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  8. Version 2.1.5

    Slimefun Additions:
    - Research unlock event

    - Player unlocked research condition

    - Create item effect
    - Create research effect
    - Add research to item effect
    - Unlock/Lock research effect

    - All researches expression
    - Name of research expression
    - Cost of research expression

    See docs for details
  9. Version 2.1

    - Fixed issue with the GriefPrevention trusted players expression
    - Fixed issue with using sub-claim IDs in GriefPrevention expressions

    - PlotSquared additions: set flag effect, remove flag effect, plot flags expression, and flag value expression

    - Added a couple Slimefun expressions; more coming in the next update
  10. Version 2.0.5

    - Bug fixes