SkWaze 3.0.5

The coolest Skript's addon

  1. MrWeefle
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    The coolest addon of Skript! (Reflection from 1.7 to 1.12?) It's up to you to test! :D

    You can find the SkWrapper premium plugin here to use BungeeCord features!

    Download BossBarAPI for 1.8 BossBar support here.

    You need Netherboard to use scoreboards here.

    You need HolographicDisplays to use holograms here.

    If you want to use the Citizens with Builder or Constructor feature, all you need is just the Citizens plugin right here.
    And for the Builder plugin, just go here.
    Or you can use my premium Constructor plugin here with a lot of other features.

    Code (Text):

    [waze] (send|create) title %string% with [sub[title]] %string% (to|for) %players% (for|to) %integer% second[s]
    [waze] (send|create) action[bar] %string% (to|for) %players%
    [waze] (send|teleport) %players% to [bungee[cord]] server %string%
    [waze] (stop|end|shut[ ]down) [skwrapper] proxy [server]
    [waze] (create|register) [new] recipe[s] [for] %itemtype% with %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%, %itemtype%
    [waze] (remove|clear|delete) [all] [craft[ing]] recipe[s]
    [waze] (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (and|with) color %string% (and|with) style %string% with id %string% (to|for) %players%
    [waze] (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (and|with) color %string% (and|with) style %string% with id %string% (for|and) %integer% second[s] (to|for) %players%
    [waze] (remove|delete|clear) [boss]bar with id %string% (of|for) %players%
    [waze] 1.8 (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (to|for) %players%
    [waze] 1.8 (create|send) [boss]bar %string% (with|at) %integer% percent[s] (for|and) %integer% second[s] (to|for) %players%
    [waze] 1.8 (remove|delete|clear) [boss]bar (of|for) %players%
    [waze] (change|set) sidebar %string% (with|and) score %string% (at|for) line %integer% (to|for) %players%
    [waze] (clear|remove|delete) sidebar (of|for) %players%
    [waze] (clear|remove|delete) line %integer% (of|from) sidebar (of|for) %players%
    [waze] (make|let) citizen[s] with id %number% build schem[atic] %string% (form|at) %location% (with|at) speed %number% (for|to) %players% [with ignoreair %boolean%]
    [waze] (make|let) citizen[s] with id %number% build (nbt|structure) %string% (from|at) %location% (with|at) speed %number% (for|to) %players% [with ignoreair %boolean%]
    [waze] (set|show) tab[list] (with|from) [head[er]] %string% (and|with) [foot[er]] %string% (to|for) %players%
    [waze] (set|show) name[tag] %string% (to|for) %players%
    [waze] (spawn|create|summon) [a number of] %integer% [of] %string%['s] particle[s] (to|for) %players% (at|from) %location% (and|with) offset %float%, %float%, %float% (and|with|at) speed %float%
    [waze] [auto]respawn %players%
    [waze] (add|create) [[a] new] [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    [waze] (start|begin) [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    [waze] (stop|end) [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    [waze] (disguise|transform|morph) %players% (as|in[to]) player %string% view[itself] %boolean%
    [waze] (disguise|transform|morph) %players% (as|in[to]) mob %string% view[itself] %boolean%
    [waze] (disguise|transform|morph) %players% (as|in[to]) misc %string% view[itself] %boolean%
    [waze] (undisguise|untransform|unmorph) player[s] %players%
    [waze] (create|spawn) [[a] new] hologram display[ing] %string% (at|from) %locations% (and|with) id %string%
    [waze] (delete|remove|clear) hologram with id %string%
    [waze] (teleport|move) hologram with id %string% (to|at) %locations%
    [waze] (set|change) line %integer% (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) %string%
    [waze] (set|change) line %integer% (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) item %string%
    [waze] (add|append) [a] new line (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) %string%
    [waze] (add|append) [a] new line (at|from) hologram with id %string% (to|with) item %string%
    [waze] (clear|remove|delete) line %integer% (at|from) hologram with id %string%
    [waze] refresh [all] [skwrapper] server templates
    [waze] (start|begin) all [skwrapper] servers
    [waze] (start|begin) all [skwrapper] servers from template %string%
    [waze] (stop|end) all [skwrapper] servers
    [waze] (stop|end) all [skwrapper] servers from template %string%
    [waze] send network message %string% to proxy players
    [waze] send network message %string% to %players%
    [waze] send network title %string% [with] subtitle %string% (to|for) proxy players (for|to) %integer% second[s]
    [waze] send network title %string% [with] subtitle %string% (to|for) %players% (for|to) %integer% second[s]
    [waze] run proxy command %string%
    [waze] send network actionbar %string% to proxy players
    [waze] send network actionbar %string% to %players%
    Code (Text):

    [waze] jump[ing]
    [waze] swim[ing]
    [waze] toggle swim[ing]
    [waze] horse jump[ing]
    [waze] advancement [(done|obtained|won)]
    Code (Text):

    [waze] [number of] online player[s] on bungee[cord]
    [waze] %players%['s] ping [list], [waze] ping [list] of %players%
    [waze] %players%['s] [boss]bar [list]", "[waze] [boss]bar [list] of %players%
    [waze] %players%['s] disguise [list]", "[waze] disguise [list] of %players%
    [waze] hologram['s] list", "[waze] list of hologram
    [waze] [bungee[cord]] server[s] list, [waze] [bungee[cord]] list of server[s]
    [waze] [bungee[cord]] %player% server", "[waze] [bungee[cord]] server of %player%
    [waze] (global|network) variable [(from|of)] %objects%

    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):
    [waze] holo id %string% exist[s]
    [waze] server %string% is online

    To do:

    ✘: Not featured
    ✔: Already featured
    ⌛: Working on

    - holograms ✔
    - more scoreboard features ✔
    - tablist ✔
    - autorespawn ✔
    - more bungee features (sockets/messages) ✔
    - nametag ✔
    - particles ✔
    - sql ✘
    - gui ✘
    - worldedit (schematics, citizens/builder, copy/paste) ⌛
    - worldguard regions ✘
    - discord support ✘
    - web requests ✘
    - work on jump and swim event ✔
    - effects support all players ✔
    - advancement features ✔
    - more reflection ✔
    - disguise ✔
    - npc ✘
    - yml ✘
    - minigame support ✘
    - villager trade ✘
    - bossbar rework ✔
    - bossbar 1.8 ✔
    - supply crate ✘
    - more expressions and more events ✔
    - actionbar < 1.12 compatibility ✔
    - servers manager wrapper for bungee ✔
    - your ideas ⌛

    Issues, report or questions:



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  1. Hexivoid
    Version: 3.0.5
    Awesome addon! Only one offering support for "earlier" Minecraft versions. Developer instantly responds via Discord for support too! :)
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    Version: 2.2.8
    Amazing addon,thank you so muchh for making this ,and the dev is also very responsive
  3. AlexMP
    Version: 2.2.4
    Best Addon! perfekt addon for every Skript Server!
    Best Addon! perfekt addon for every Skript Server!
  4. asdf1234
    Version: 2.2.1
    can add bind hologram?
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    Version: 2.2.1
    So amazing addon! Please update to 1.14 so i can use all of these great features in 1.14! :-)
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    Version: 2.0.8
    perfetto mi ha risolto vari errori in console e mi fa funzionare bene alcuni skript
  7. L0v0lup
    Version: 2.0.6
    Great plugin! Finally made it possible for 1.12 to create Bossbars without bugs or 15 lines of code. Also, very responsive Dev :) Keep it up!
    1. MrWeefle
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for reply, I'll do my best to update the resource when I'll have more time. :D
  8. fakepixel
    Version: 1.8
    Excellent Addon! Well done Weeflee. Great work! The French part of the Skript Community is amazing, friendly and kind!!! :) :)
    Only thing that I would like is maybe checking if a server on the bungeecord is online or not. Other than that, AMAZING addon! thank you so much for making it :)
    1. MrWeefle
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much, I will looking at the bungeecord features! :D
  9. kohlerpop1
    Version: 1.8
    Great addon that let's you do many things that improve the performance of your server in game and out. Perfect addon.
    1. MrWeefle
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for reply, tell me your ideas for improvement! :D