SkyBan - A BungeeCord Plugin Ban/Mute Version 1.0

Ban and mute plugin

  1. CanardConfit
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    French and English


    The SkyBan Plugin is an administration and moderation plugin for servers using a BungeeCord proxy. The Plugin saves all information in a directory called SkyBan. This Plugin is an open source plugin but that must not be resold and you must not own it !


    This plugin allows you to ban a player and an ip. It also allows to mute a player. You can also see if a ip address is banned or not and see if a player is banned or mute or his information as his ip, his last connection, his first connection, the number of ban and the number of mute had. There are also several commands :

    /gban [Player] [Reason]
    /gbanip [IP] [Reason]
    /gtempban [Player] [Time] [Reason]
    /gtempbanip [IP] [Time] [Reason]
    /gtempmute [Player] [Time] [Reason]
    /gunban [Player]
    /gunbanip [IP]
    /gunmute [Player]
    /lookup [Player/IP]


    skyban.gban >> For access to the command /gban
    skyban.gbanip >> For access to the command /gbanip
    skyban.gtempmute >> For access to the command /gtempmute
    skyban.gtempban >> for access to the command /gtempban
    skyban.gtempbanip >> For access to the command /gtempbanip
    skyban.gunban >> For access to the command /gunban
    skyban.gunbanip >> For access to the command /gunbanip
    skyban.gunmute >> for access to the command /gunmute
    skyban.skyban >> For access to the command /skyban
    skyban.lookup >> For access to the command /lookup


    The configuration is quite simple, there are two files, messages.yml and config.yml, messages.yml configure all the messages of the plugin. In the configuration you can activate or not the ban and mute but also change language plugin: for that put the language you want and set true to confirmation of language change.


    If you encounter a bug while using the plugin, please post it on the github of the plugin.

    Download Step:
    -10 vue.png
    -20 vue.png
    -50 croix.png
    -100 croix.png
    -250 croix.png
    -500 croix.png

    Next update:
    - save plugin information with mysql
    - added a command to see the list of ban / mute / ban-ip.
    - Added a Web Panel to organize the ban.

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