SkyBlock Custom Island 1.0

SkyBlock new plugin, custom island with schematics system.

  1. HeadHunts
    SkyBlock depends on WorldGuard for it's island protection ability. Please ensure you have it (and WorldEdit, which WorldGuard depends on) installed.

    Simply place the plugin in the standard Server plugin directory and it will automatically generate its configuration the next time the server is run. The default configuration is fine for normal use, but feel free to tweak it for a unique server experience (all available options are available below).
    You can change the schematic, inserting "island.schematic" in SkyBlock plugin folder. Remember when u do the schematic, "//copy" it at the center of the schematic.

    Players simply use “/skyblock” to create their own SkyBlock instance. They are automatically teleported to their new island.

    Say a player wanted to invite his friend over to his SkyBlock so they could play together. Said player would use a party. Just by typing “/skyblock add <friend>” you add the <friend> in your island protection, he will able to modify your island.
    All the people can do “/skyblock tp <player>” to teleport in <player> island.

    That is just a snapshot of all available commands. They, with their accompanying descriptions and permission nodes, can be found further down.

    Please Note:
    All of the below configuration options are compulsory. If any are omitted, they will be re-generated next time the server starts.

    Name Default Description
    center: x: 0 //X co-ordinate of where the center island should be placed.
    center: z: 0 //Z co-ordinate of where the center island should be placed.
    pvpEnabled: false //Whether or not PVP is allows on islands.
    world: world //Name of the world where the islands should be stored.
    islandHeight: 128 //Y co-ordinate of where newly-generated islands should be placed.
    islandSpacing: 120 //Distance between generated islands.
    islandSize: 100 //Size of the protection “bubble” between SkyBlocks.

    A sample configuration file containing the default values can be found below:

    x: 0
    z: 0
    pvpEnabled: false
    world: world
    islandHeight: 160
    islandSpacing: 120
    islandSize: 100

    Please Note: Commands may also be prefixed with the alias /sb instead of /skyblock.

    Command Permission Description
    /skyblock - default - Create a new island.
    /skyblock tp <player> - default - Teleport to <player> island.
    /skyblock add <player> -
    default - Add <player> into your island protection.
    /skyblock reset <player> - OP - Reset <player>'s island.

    Custom island schematics
    - 4 Biomes

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    Version: 1.0
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    The /skyblock command doesn't even work.