SkyBlockUtils 1.0.0

Adds many features that will make your sky block server unique.

  1. friedspaghetti
    This plugin adds many features (or modules as i like to call them) to make your sky block server more unique!
    i will probably updating it regularly and adding more modules.

    Modules List
    1.ore generator(Ever wanted your server to be a little more op and not have to setup all that shops? then now people can mine resources in there islands!)
    2.block breaker(Most server owners will give this only to VIPs because this module adds working block breakers so the player can automate generators and just stay afk near them!)
    3.More modules Coming Soon!

    the ore generator is fully customizable so you can make it less op.
    Here is the default generated config(you can change the percentages and add or delete blocks.):

    Code (Text):
    #OreGenerator Config File
    #The format of this file is "<Material name>: <no. of draws>"
    #Probability of material generation = material's no. of draws / total no. of draws
    STONE: 60
    COAL_ORE: 10
    IRON_ORE: 8
    GOLD_ORE: 5
    LAPIS_ORE: 7
    EMERALD_ORE: 2.5
    DIAMOND_ORE: 0.5

    /bb - sets a dispenser as a block breaker.
    Permissions - allows to make a block breaker.
    Terms Of Use

    -you may not sell this product.
    -you may not claim this product as yours.
    -you may not distribute this product.

    This plugin was tested on the latest spigot server running
    "A Skyblock".

    Did you found a bug? You have an idea for a new module?
    The fill out this form:

Recent Reviews

  1. GreekTech
    Version: 1.0.0
    Amazing idea of course and I already have a costume coded plugin with the same idea and sorry for that but allot better so let me help you put Scoreboard that hooks well with a/uskyblock also explosion countdown with holographic app blood :) and more enchants that you can get on thee enchanting table I have and other things to tell you but then my name plugin will be uselles
    1. friedspaghetti
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much! for the review and the idea! i will work on another version with more things and maybe even one day we will work on one together xD
  2. DrPiggy
    Version: 1.0.0
    Nice Job! Really liked it! Is this your first plugin ever? If so, your quite good! I suggest adding a way to choose a list of materials for the gen tho
    1. friedspaghetti
      Author's Response
      Thanks! it is my first plugin! and there is a way just edit the config file(look at the configuration part)