SkyblockX [1.8.8-1.15.1] v1.3.6-alpha

A Performance Oriented Skyblock Core

  1. Housekeeping

    • Fixes issues with permission managers and island size conflict, defaulting to island limit from config if permission size is less than 1.
    • Automatic calculation task now matches the /sbx calc command.
    • Add 1 to vertical location on teleport to help prevent people getting stuck in blocks on newer versions of minecraft.
    • Use air if material is unreadable on island paste. ( possibly due to cross version structure file usage )
    • Removed...
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  2. Various Improvements

    Various Improvements
    • Island Top has sync calculation temporarily whilst I rewrite it.
    • disableMobDamageWhenIslandVisitor added to enable damage from mobs when visiting islands.
    • Fix bug with dynamic island permissions where people with skyblockx.size.0 permission node would get islands with a size of 0, hence, basically having a read-only island.
    • Fixed the action gui in the /is member menu.
    • Added /sbx chest <player> to allow administrators to view an...
  3. PlaceholderAPI Hot Fix

    PlaceholderAPI Hot Fix
    • added PlaceholderAPI to softdepend param in the plugin.yml. (Whoops.)

    I've been busy programming FactionsX, which will be the sister plugin to this one, so I want to apologize about the lack of updates!
    Island Upgrades and lots more is coming soon!
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  4. Better Custom Island Support

    Better Custom Island Support
    • Improved the custom island support and made it a bit more friendly to use.
    • Fixed NPE when people delete data.json without actually deleting the world.
    If you do not know how to create a structure file that is required for island creation,
    Use the wiki:
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  5. Virtual Island Chest

    Island Chest & General Improvements
    • Added virtual island chest, shared between players, accessible by using /is chest.
    • You can now run commands in console when a player's void death is prevented, for example charging them money.
    • PlaceholderAPI gui fix.
    • Commands are now even more intuitive, and offer tab complete support when using any combination of aliases.
    • /is tp is now /is visit to help prevent confusion, the old alias still works.
    • Added /is...
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  6. Island Top Bug Fix

    Island Top Bug Fix
    I accidentally removed a line of code, which caused the islands to calculate, but not be stored in memory.
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  7. The Nether Update.

    Nether Islands!
    • Portals redirect to skyblock nether world.
    • New Island structure file comes bundled in SkyblockX.jar.
    • Nether Island is automatically generated on demand (First time entering nether portal on island).
    • WorldBorder packet is sent in context to Nether Island to show borders.
    • Block, Mob, and Interact protection listeners updated to work inside of the nether world.
    • Nether World is generated on startup like the SkyblockX overworld...
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  8. Improved Island Top & 1.15.X Support & More

    Island Top Improvements
    • Island Top header message (Toggleable & Configurable)
    • Island Top header bar message (Toggableable & Configurable)
    • /is calc command to force refresh your own island.
    • Use proper logger in enable message for PlaceholderAPI
    • PlaceholderAPIIntegration avoid shadowing name.
    • Void Teleport check fixed.
    • Better wording for page navigation
    • Set prefix for commands internally Just in...
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  9. General Improvements

    General Changes
    • Moved /is bypass -> /sbx bypass because it is an admin command.
    • Bypass mode now allows bypassing the requirement to have an island to edit anything in the skyblock world.
    • Fixed island promotion bug.
    • Autosave task with optional broadcasting system and configurable timer. ( 30 min default )
    • Island Member GUI uses PLAYER_HEAD instead of AIR due to issues with NMS itemclones in legacy versions.
    • Fixed island creation gui...
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  10. General Improvements

    General Improvements
    • blockvalues.json now autopopulates with every possible option, so server admins do not have to guess when adding values.
    • Island Worth Placeholders
    • Wiki now has a PlaceholderAPI page.
    • Fix small issues with the Command Engine when working with admin commands (/sbx)
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