SkyblockX [1.8.8-1.15.2] v1.4.1-alpha

A Performance Oriented Skyblock Core

  1. ProSavage

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Recent Reviews

  1. LoJoSho
    Version: v1.4.1-alpha
    An amazing plugin! My problem with 1.8 was fixed quickly and my server is back on track. Thank you so much!
    1. ProSavage
  2. D3dBrain
    Version: v1.4.1-alpha
    After near 4 months of using it, I can say with ease that this is one of the best SkyBlock plugins! The developer is friendly AF and will help you for anything!
    The plugin has amazing futures and will find it's place even on the premium market! 10/10
    ~ Didoko
    1. ProSavage
  3. ChrusKosco
    Version: v1.4-alpha
    Best Island Plugin I've got on my server
    but it has the boader travel with player or something and Im
    Tryna make a lobby for skyblock players to meet
    but its not easy there outside boarder and the vote crate dont work
    there on a new gamemode in-between adventure and spector for boarder
    but its runnig good with a mutiple world server thx tho
    also players can interact with other players with no lobby
    created on different world cant share inv with it create on skyblockx
    island run or see lobby
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.

      You should join my discord and we can discuss fixing your issues.
  4. Gbergz
    Version: v1.3.6-alpha
    By far the best skyblock plugin i've tried!! Great job.

    However i'm having an issue with deleting islands. It's deleting it but i'm not actually deleting it. It's still there and i'm not getting teleported anywhere. Any ideas?
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      I never made it actually delete the island it self, because I think that deleting that many blocks especially when its a island that has been built out is VERY intensive.

      I can make them teleport when the island has been deleted back to spawn if you would like.

      We can still do the block deletion too as well if you would like, I add an option that is disabled by default.

      Contact me in the discord.
  5. sian2005
    Version: v1.3.5-alpha
    This is by far the best skyblock plugin I have EVER seen.
    It has so much optimized and cool features, thank you very much for this fantastic plugin.
    The developer is really kind and helpfull and responds almost instantly.
    Great job ProSavage!
    You are absolutely awesome.

    Greetings sian2005
    1. ProSavage
  6. swerck
    Version: v1.3.5-alpha
    thank u for fast help, support in DC is cool
    answered fast to my question.

    Thnak u for an really cool skyblock plugin
    1. ProSavage
  7. OpticCoder
    Version: v1.3.3-alpha
    Great Plugin, I had a bug that prevented another plugin from working, I joined the author's discord and told him the bug and he said he'd work on it as soon as possible, and 3 or so days later, the issue was resolved, amazing support!
    1. ProSavage
  8. Hokorozero
    Version: v1.3.1-alpha
    Although this mod is in alpha version,but I think the mod is better than askyblock.Come on! keep working hard
    Besides,could you give me permission to repost this pretty mod to mcbbs
    The largest minecraft forum in China.
    And I found it's very hard to translate this plugins to Chinese....
    1. ProSavage
      Author's Response
      Im glad you like it,
      however, I will have to decline, as I do not want people redistributing my code under their name.
  9. edude0
    Version: v1.2.1-alpha
    It's just so good man, every time I look at thee plugin page I can't stop looking at the plugin page. In fact, I just spent the last 10 hours looking at the plugin page. Now that's epic.
    1. ProSavage
  10. D3dBrain
    Version: v1.2-alpha
    Amazing plugin with tons of features! Haven't experienced any lag since started using it! I had one-two problems (which is normal for an alpha version) which got fixed in a really short period of time! 10/10
    1. ProSavage