SkyChanger 2.0.1

Change the color of your personal sky.

  1. Release 2.0.1 - Upgrades bStats

  2. Release 2.0.0 - Sponge Support, Major Refactor

    Release 2.0.0

    This update adds support for Sponge API 7. The project has been modularized into two subprojects, SkyChanger-Bukkit and SkyChanger-Sponge. All Bukkit functionality has been ported to sponge. If anything is missing or broke, please file an issue.

    Breaking API Changes
    If your plugin depends on SkyChanger, you will need to make the following changes.
    • Update your...
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  3. Release 1.4.3 - Full Support for 1.13

    Release 1.4.3

    This update disables Spigot's compatibility layer. Earlier versions of SkyChanger will work on 1.13, however this update disables any additional overhead added by Spigot.

    • f966ed0 Disabled Spigot's compatibility layer to remove any additional overhead on 1.13.
    Internal Changes...
  4. Update 1.4.2 - Added Simplified Chinese

    Release 1.4.2

    • Added Simplified Chinese language file (zh_CN).
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  5. Release 1.4.1 - Updated Git Location

    Release 1.4.1

    • Replaced all references from Bitbucket to Github.
    • Minor code optimizations and corrections.
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  6. Release 1.4.0 - Added Developer API

    Release 1.4.0

    As per popular request, a Developer API has been added. Developers can now hook into SkyChanger to make use of the sky changing features in their own plugins. For more information on how to use this, consult our wiki page.

    Also added Hungarian language file.
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  7. Release 1.3.4

    Release 1.3.4
    • Fixes and optimizations related to metrics.
  8. Release 1.3.3

    • Added Hebrew Language file.
  9. Release 1.3.1

    Release 1.3.1
    This release should complete the 1.3 development cycle unless further issues are found. Changes:
    • Added all missing translations (es_EC, es_AR, de_DE, nl_NL).
    • Fixed an issue with default language loading when the specified language cannot be found.
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  10. Release 1.3.0

    Release 1.3.0

    This release brings the following updates and changes:
    • The @a paramater has been changed to -a.
    • Added -w [world] parameter. This will allow you to change the sky color for everyone in a specific world. If you ommit the [world] portion your current world will be the target.
    • Added new permissions* and*
    • If you want to allow or block users from specifiying a specific world to the -w parameter, you may...