SkyCore v2.2

A skycore plugin still in development

  1. DavidTEC
    Version: v1.2
    This lightweight plugin apart from lacking a help command, also lacks an in-game author in /about. There are also some contents like package-info.class that are useless and if storage is extremely important will not bother people much, but it would be better if it was gone as its a waste of 3 lines. It would be great if the vanish could have an API, similar to the one of SuperVanish (To fix this just add a metadata called "vanish" and do your magic to make it so it can be changed from other plugins). It would be nice if in the plugin.yml /eat could be replaced with /feed. Also it would be nice if you have /tphere.

    Apart from all those problems listed above, its a nice lightweight plugin. Useful in servers where the RAM is limited to 1GB or less.
    EDIT: After noticing about the /freeze command, It spams the frozen players too much. Also, this isn't a Bungee Proxy plugin. It would be good if you put it under spigot plugins.
    1. harrison098
      Author's Response
      Okay, all problems noted! also i have it in Misc idk why its in Bungee-Proxy