Skyfall Anvil Control - Unbreakable Anvils | Skript 2.0.0

Control anvils in your server! Block or make them unbreakable!

  1. Andrea

    What is Anvil Control?
    Anvil control is a simple script that allow you to block anvils (permissions support) or / and make them unbreakable.
    Do you want to make Anvil use just a Rank feature for veterans? Now you can.
    You can also make them unbreakable.

    [​IMG] Compatible with:
    1.7 Compatible
    1.8 Compatible

    [​IMG] Requiriments:
    Plugin Skript:

    [​IMG] Install:
    Place this script inside /plugins/skript/scripts
    Open the file using Notepad++ or another text editor
    Read and follow instructions in the first section

    [​IMG] Permissions:
    Skyfall.AnvilControl.use - Allow the user/group to use anvils

    [​IMG] Features:
    Block anvils for everyone / someone
    Make anvils unbreakable
    Make anvils inside a region unbreakable

    [​IMG] Rate it!
    If you are happy to use this script don't forget to rate it!
    I hope that you will give me 5 stars :)


    [​IMG] Terms and conditions: [​IMG]
    Downloading this plugin you agree to the following rules:

    1 - You are not allowed to redistribute this script claimed as yours
    2 - You may modify the code, but not crediting yourself
    3 - Leave bad reviews (From 1 to 4 stars) without any good reason leads to a result: report of your review to spigot staff and ignore status from me.
    Leave a real review and do not use the review section to ask new features


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  1. 2.0
  2. Small fix and new feature
  3. Re-Uploaded 1.0

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  1. Dino
    Version: 1.2
    Really good script!!