SkyFreeze | Freeze Players | All-in-one Solution | GUI Menu 1.0

The ultimate Freezing plugin for all servers from 1.8-1.12.2

  1. AdvantageDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    SkyFreeze v1.0
    SkyFreeze is an all-in-one solution for freezing players on your server. This solution allows for freezing and unfreezing players as well as reporting whether they have disconnected whilst frozen. This plugin has been tested on an actual playerbase server.

    /skyfreeze reload (reloads config)
    /skyfreeze help (help page)
    /freeze [name] (freezes & unfreezes a specific player)
    /unfreeze [name] (unfreezes a player)

    skyfreeze.freeze (Configurable)

    - "&8&m------------------------------------"
    - "&7You have been frozen by a &bStaff Member!"
    - "&7Please join Discord: &"
    - "&8&m------------------------------------"
    - "&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You have been unfrozen!"
    nopermission: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You do not have permission for this!'
    playerfrozen: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You have been frozen &b%player%&7!'
    playerunfrozen: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You have been unfrozen &b%player%&7!'
    playeroffline: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7That player is &coffline&7!'
    stafffrozen: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You have successfully frozen &b%player%&7!'
    staffunfrozen: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You have successfully unfrozen &b%player%&7!'
    commandusage: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7Usage: &b/freeze [name]'
    commandpermission: 'skyfreeze.freeze'

    #Unfreeze Command

    unfreeze-successful: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You have successfully unfrozen this player!'
    unfreeze-offline: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7This player is either offline or does not exist.'
    unfreeze-noperms: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7You do not have &bpermission &7to run this!'

    #SkyFreeze Command

    skyFreezeHelp-1: '&8&m-----------------&r &b&lSKYFREEZE &8&m-----------------&r'
    skyFreezeHelp-2: '&b/freeze [name] &8- &7Freeze a player'
    skyFreezeHelp-3: '&7'
    skyFreezeHelp-4: '&7Made by &bResourcesMCM &8| &7For &bSkyClout'
    skyFreeze-Reloaded: '&b&lSKYFREEZE &8> &7This plugin has been reloaded.'