Skyotickets 0.1

A powerful ticket plugin.

  1. Skyost
    A powerful ticket plugin !
    Skyotickets is a powerful ticket plugin (a reborn of Ticket System GM). Actually, it does not support MySQL like Ticket System GM but still have a lot of features !
    • Only three commands and four sub-commands.
    • File based system.
    • Easy to use for you and your players.
    • Highly configurable.
    • Tickets can save : status, id, date, player, message, position, owner.
    • Skyupdater included for auto-updating.
    Commands, sub-commands, configuration and permissions can be found here.​
    Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.
    Thanks to the awesome Minecraft server hosting : Astral Hosting !