SkyParticles [**BEST** in game Particle Manager 1.10-1.15] 1.0

Create particle displays inside custom regions

  1. CoolLord22
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    SkyParticles is a highly customizable plugin that allows users to create
    custom particle displays inside bounded regions. The plugin is
    lightweight and spawns particles only for users who have toggled their
    displays on! It comes with an automatic config checker that will disable
    any misconfigured particle displays (for when users try to make
    changes directly to the config rather than the in-game creator) to
    prevent any errors from appearing in the console. It'll even warn the
    user when a setup is misconfigured, and automatically disable it as well!

    If you need ANY help setting this up, please feel free to ask in the Discussions section, or join our Discord support server for super-fast responses :)
    1. To setup the plugin, first stop the server, install the jar and boot up your server. The plugin is ready to go!
    2. To create your region, begin by selecting the two bounding corners where the particles should be active. This is done using /sp pos1 and /sp pos2. The plugin will automatically check if both corners are selected, and will ensure they're valid locations.
    3. To create your particle display, use the command /sp add <location name> <particle> <distance> [count] [speed]. The location name, particle, and distance are required while count and speed are optional.
    Variable Description:

    • location name: The name that is stored for this display in the plugin internally. Can be any string value.
    • particle: The particle type to set the display as. You can use the tab feature to automatically see all valid particles. If you try to use one that is not on the list, it will disable the particle location and tell you to fix it. Must be a valid Enum particle.
    • distance: The distance decides how far away the player can see the particles. SkyParticles works by spawning particles around the player. This allows you to set, for example, a relatively short distance of 16. Because the particle spawns around the player, as long as they are inside the region they will see particles 16 blocks out in every direction (see images below)
    • count: The count is how many particles to spawn each time. If left blank, the plugin can automatically determine what the best count would be depending on the distance declared above. It uses the equation 10*(distance/5)^2 to create an optimal number of particles for the given distance. Specifying an extremely high count for a small view distance may cause lag (see images below)
    • speed: The speed is how slow or fast the particles should be moving around the player. If left blank, the default value is 0.5, but it can be made slower or faster later on in the setup process.

    • Once you have added your particle location it is ready to function. As soon as a player enters the 2 corner region, they will begin seeing particles that span out for the distance number of blocks you specify.
    • To completely remove a particle from the configuration, you can use the command /sp remove <location name>. If you only want to disable particles in the region for a short time, use the command /sp enable|disable <location name>. This is an admin command and will disable or enable the particles for that location for every player. To toggle particles only for yourself, use the command /sp toggle. This will toggle ALL particles across the server for the player issuing the command.
    • If you realize you don't like the particle or want to change any setting associated with it, use the command /sp set <location name> <variable> <new value>. For example, /sp set <location name> speed 0.05 will slow the particles down even more. The If you want to change the region bounds of the display, set the two using command /sp pos1|pos2 and then run /sp set <location name> bounds.

    <required> [optional]
    • /sp help permission:
    • /sp pos1 permission: skyparticles.admin.add
    • /sp pos2 permission: skyparticles.admin.add
    • /sp add <location name> <particle> <distance> [count] [speed] permission: skyparticles.admin.add
    • /sp remove <location name> permission: skyparticles.admin.remove
    • /sp set <location name> <variable> <new value> permission: skyparticles.admin.set
      • /sp set <location name> bounds
      • /sp set <location name> count <new particle count>
      • /sp set <location name> distance <new distance>
      • /sp set <location name> name <new location name>
      • /sp set <location name> particle <new particle type>
      • /sp set <location name> speed <new particle speed>
    • /sp toggle permission: skyparticles.player.toggle
    • /sp enable <location name> permission: skyparticles.admin.enabledisable
    • /sp disable <location name> permission: skyparticles.admin.enabledisable
    • /sp reload permission: skyparticles.admin.reload


    This is generated with /sp add lobby END_ROD 16 100 .05

    This shows the distance variable. This is done with a distance of 2, allowing the particles to spawn around the player in a 2 block radius. This is how the plugin ensures it is lag-friendly; the server doesn't receive the particles, only the player does!

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    Version: 1.0
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    High-performance and Easy to use.Everyone who need to decorate some areas should use this plugin!
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