SkyPvp Core 1.0

SkyPvp Core with placeholders stats and many more built in features

  1. ExZonePvP
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    Custom SkyPvP Core with built in features to make server easier

    There are built in placeholders:
    Nick: %skypvp_name%'
    Kills: %skypvp_kills%
    Deaths: %skypvp_deaths%
    KDR: %skypvp_kdr%
    Kills until key: %skypvp_leftkills%
    Combat: %skypvp_combat%
    Money : %skypvp_money%
    Online: %skypvp_online%

    you can make scoreboard in title manager with this placeholders very easy

    also if you want kills until key to work you will need to install plugin called CustomCrates

    /stats - check your stats
    /clearchat - for staff to clear chat
    /helpme - to call staff to help you

    Also staff will need permission