SkyPvP 3.2

a big SkyPvP game plugin for your Server! | 1.7.x - 1.9.x support | 100% free

  1. SkeletDev
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9




    supporting 1.7.x - 1.9.x
    - supporting MySQL
    - suppoting buggecord or multiarena
    - up to 64 kits
    - editable GUI
    - 90% editable messages
    - free item frames
    - killstreak + reward
    - hunger disable
    - jump pads (iron plats)
    - build enable / disable
    - fall damage enable / disable
    - bood effect
    - stats
    - instant respawn
    - instant void death
    - join/leave/stats signs
    - commands blacklist
    and more

    Planes for adding:

    - Write me your ideas with a pm

    How to create SkyPvP signs:

    write in the first line [SkyPvP]
    write in the secound line join or leave or stats
    for a join sign wirte in the third line the arena name


    put the SkyPvP.jar in Plugin folder
    2. install Vault
    3. restart/reload the server
    4. edite the configs
    5. play & have fun

    Use MySQL: false
    BungeeCord mode: false
    blacklisted commands:
    - hub
    - leave
    - l
    - fly
    Free Frames Item Name: '&bSkyPvP &7Items'
    Build disable: true
    get Kits Menu Item (on join and respawn): true
    Join Message active: true
    Quit Message active: true
    Kill Streak active: true
    'Kill Streak reward //Use: ItemID:ItemSupID:ItemAmount': '322:0:1'
    Blood effect active: true
    Hunger: true
    spawn command allowed: true
    spawn command cooldown: 5
    leave command cooldown: 5
    cancel Fall Damage: true
    Death Message: true
    Instant Respawn: true
    Item drop on Death: true
    use ScoreBoard: true
    Pressure Plat activee: true
    Pressure Plat High: 1
    Pressure Plat Wight: 1
    ItemFrame max stack size: 16
    Instant void death: true
    Use vault: false
    get kill coins: false
    get kill coins amount: 50
    get kill reward: false
    'get kill reward item //Use: ItemID:ItemSupID:ItemAmount': '322:0:1'
    Join Sign line 1: '&8>> &aSky&7PvP &8<<'
    Join Sign line 2: '&6[Map]'
    Join Sign line 3: '[Players] Players'
    Join Sign line 4: '&cClick to join'
    Leave Sign line 1: '&8>> &aSky&7PvP &8<<'
    Leave Sign line 2: '&cleave game'
    Leave Sign line 3: ''
    Leave Sign line 4: '&cClick to leave'
    Stats Sign line 1: '&8>> &aSky&7PvP &8<<'
    Stats Sign line 2: '&6Stats'
    Stats Sign line 3: ''
    Stats Sign line 4: '&cClick to see'
    Prefix: '&7[&aSkyPvP&7] '
    no Permissions Message: '&4You dont have the Permissions for this Command.'
    BungeeCord mode Message: '&4This Server is running in the Bungeecord mode!'
    command is blacklisted: '&4This command is disabled!'
    not Ingame Message: '&4You''re not in a game! Use &c/SkyPvP join &4to join.'
    already Ingame Message: '&4You''re in the game. Use &c/SkyPvP leave &4to leave.'
    Arena not exist Message: '&4This arena does''nt exist.'
    Arena already exist Message: '&4This arena is already exist.'
    Arena created Message: You created the arena &6[Arena] &7successful.
    Sign created Message: You created a arena sign successful.
    Sign removed Message: You removed a arena sign successful.
    Sign option not exist Message: '&c This sign option do not exist!'
    Spawn set Message: '&7You set the spawn to your location.'
    Lobby set Message: '&7The lobby spawn is set at your Location.'
    no Spawn Message: '&4Pls contact a Admin the Spawn is missing.'
    Spawn_CMD disabled Message: '&4This Command is disabled!'
    teleporting Message: You are teleporting in &6[Sec] seconds &7. &cPls don't move!
    teleporting moving Message: '&cYou have moved your location. Teleporting is cancled.'
    leave Message: You left the game in &6[Sec] seconds &7. &cDon't move!
    leave moving Message: '&cYou have moved your location. You cant left the game now!'
    Death Message (killed by Player): The Player &c[Player] &7was killed by &6[Killer]&7.
    Death Message: The Player &c[Player] &7is died.
    Kill Streak Message: The Player &c[Player] &7has a KillStreak of &c[Streak]&7.
    Join Message: The Player &6[Player] &7joined the game.
    Quit Message: The Player &6[Player] &7quitet the game.
    no Player Message: '&4You aren''t a Player!'
    Cooldown Message: '&7You &4&lcant &7use the Kit now.'
    Stats Message:
    - '&7_-_-_-_-_-&6&l[Player] Stats&7_-_-_-_-_-'
    - '&cKills: &e[Kills]'
    - '&cDeaths: &e[Deaths]'
    - '&cKdr: &e[Kdr]'
    - '&7_-_-_-_-_-&6&l[Player] Stats&7_-_-_-_-_-'
    ScoreBoard Name: '&a&n&lSky&7&n&lPvP'
    ScoreBoard Arena: '&cArena&7: &a[Arena]'
    ScoreBoard Stats: '&6Stats:'
    ScoreBoard Kills: '&cKills&7: &a[Kills]'
    ScoreBoard Deaths: '&cDeaths&7: &a[Deaths]'
    ScoreBoard Kd: '&cKd&7: &a[kd]'
    Open Kit Menu Item: 54
    Open Kit Menu Item Name: '&aKits'
    Kit 1:
    Permissons: SkyPvP.kit1
    CoolDown: 60
    'Items (Schema: ID:SupID, Amount)':
    - 272:0, 1
    - 364:0, 16
    - 298:0, 1
    - 299:0, 1
    - 300:0, 1
    - 301:0, 1
    Name: '&cTake a Kit :)'
    size: 9
    Name: '&aKit 1'
    ID: 272
    SupID: 0
    Amout: 1
    username: root
    password: password
    database: localhost
    host: localhost
    port: '3306'

    Server there are using this Plugin:
    (Your Server using this Plugin? Than write me a PM.)



    1. - You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
    2. - You may modify the code, but not crediting your self and selling than the Plugin
    3. - Only use it for your server/network!
    4. - No refunds!
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Recent Reviews

  1. yousife_7aloly
    Version: 3.2
    I cannot downlaod the plug in

    the page is not found ??

    Please fix !! !!!
  2. TechOP
    Version: 3.2
    None of the versions can be downloaded. Please fix the download link!
    I will update my review as soon as the download link works.
  3. ElSuperDeYouTube
    Version: 3.2
    Not download link, put a download link and not a link to another server. Thnks............
  4. IEgeq_01
    Version: 3.2
    Its really good plugin. Works well.
    You can add these things :
    + Events
    + Kill messages
    + More cosmetics
    + VIP cosmetics
    + Info messages
    1. SkeletDev
      Author's Response
      I currently working on a other plugin but i will remeber it. Thanks
  5. Cripi
    Version: 3.2
    Works fine for my purposes, great plugin! I especialy like the autoupdater and the item frame desing! Good job! :)
  6. iDavid86920
    Version: 3.2
    The plugin not works whit any permissions. I put the permission exactly and not works!
  7. Mr_Coding
    Version: 3.2
    Very Nice Plugin!
    But can you add the posibility to add enchantments on the kits?
    And if its already added, how can i add it?
  8. MerryChrismas
    Version: 3.2
    Nice! Alles geht aber: geht das auch auch auf nem normalen Server (also nicht bungeecord)? -------
  9. ConverBC
    Version: 3.2
    Sehr cool mein server : 100 Zeichen -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. fridious_HD
    Version: 3.2
    Sehr gutes Plugin,
    aber könntest du bitte einen /stats reset [name] Befehl einfügen, den aber nur einer mit einer bestimmten permission ausführen kann und das es kostenlose und kits die man mit Coins kaufen kann.