Skywars Pro Reloaded 2.9.1

The best plugin Skywars

  1. Ketinteresa
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    This is the latest reloaded version
    • Please do not report the original creator was banned


    - HiveTownCraft.TK Network {Plugin edited} (Server latino, Español)


    • [*]Join signs for Multiarena mode! You can configure the below block!
      [*]You can create infinite arenas.
      [*]Custom economy! You can use the SkyWars economy or another one with Vault!

    ¡Fully customizable!


    • World Map Loading System
    • Very customizable
    • In-game and Lobby Shops
    • Kits
    • Regular and OP Chest files including player voting for OP Chests
    • BungeeMode (Beta)

    • Vault - Depend (must be installed)
    • Multiverse-Core - Depend (must be installed)
    • Any Economy Plugin - Soft Depend (must be installed to use economy mode - including purchasable kits), Essentials or EssentialsX

    1. Copy the Jar file to your plugins directory.
    2. Reboot your server to install.
    3. Edit the created config to choose your game settings, SQL settings(if you want to use SQL), and you can even customize some of the player messages.
    4. Edit the chest.yml for the items you want to appear in chests (more detail below)
    5. Edit and create kits in the kit folder (more detail below)
    6. There is a test map and a lobby map pre-installed. All players need to do is use /swr join to join a game. You can also use join signs, or pressure plates.
    7. Have Fun!
    Setup Arena:


    1. Set the spawn /swr setspawn
    2. In the config.yml set signJoinMode: true
    3. Execute in game or in console /swr reload and finish

    1. Move your map to the next folder: (YourServerFolder/Plugins/SkyWarsReloaded/maps)
    2. InGame execute comando: /swr list (Check the name map and have a color green) (In the case of appearing in red your map you have to place beacons as spawns of the island [Multiverse Core Import the map and at the end of this process follow the instructions pass 1 and pass 2 again ]) EXAMPLE:
    3. InGame execute comando: /swr edit {mapname}

    4. In the map In the game you have to put beacons as spawn of each island
    5. Now I finish the configuration and execute the las command /swr save {mapname}


    Commands and Permissions
    Command Description Permission
    Default Config
    ª GameSettings:
    signJoinMode: false //When enabled, players can join games through signs.
    signJoinMaterial: wool //This is the material that will show behind or under sign join signs. It can be set to wool, clay, glass or none.
    pressurePlateJoin: true //When enabled, players can join games by stepping on stone pressure plates.
    allowSpectating: true //Setting this to true will put players in spectator mode when they lose all their lives.
    enableLogFilter: true //Enabling this filter allows SWR to remove the log spam created when worlds are loaded.
    useExternalEconomy: false //if set to true, SWR with use your external economy plugin for shops and kits, as well as adding points for wins, kills, etc.
    disableWinBroadcast: false //if set to true, only the players in the arena will see the winner message.
    noFallDamage: true //if set to true, players will not receive fall damage while in game.
    noFallDamageLobby: false //if set to true, players will not recieve fall damage in the lobby world.
    minPercentPlayers: 50 //The percentage of a full lobby, before players in queue are teleported and before a game will start.
    preGameTimer: 20 //The countdown time before the game starts once the minimum number of players are in the game.
    resetPreGameTimerOnJoin: true //If set to true, the pregame timer will reset whenver a new player joins a game.
    resetPreGameTimerThreshold: 80 //This is the threshold based on the percentage of players in a game. If the number of players in the game is higher than the threshold, the timer will not restart.
    timeAfterGame: 10 //This is the amount of time after the end of a game, before the game shutsdown/restarts.
    maxMapSize: 200 //This is the maximum square size of the map.
    maxNumberOfGames: -1 //This is the maximum number of games possible on the server. If set to -1, it is unlimited.
    maxGameLength: -1 //Sets the maximum length of a game in minutes.
    playerNameScoreboard: false //When enabled, the in game scoreboard will show player names instead of Warriors Remaining.
    lobbyScoreBoardEnabled: false //When enable, a scoreboard showing player stats will be shown to players in the Lobby World.
    statsCommandCooldown: 60 //The amount of time a player has to wait to use the stats command again.
    clearInventoryOnJoin: false //When set to true, a players inventory is cleared whenever they join the server.
    clearXPOnJoin: false //When set to true, a players xp is cleared whenever they join the server.
    clearPotionEffectsOnJoin: false //When set to true, a players potions effects are cleared whenever they join the server.
    addScorePrefix: true //When set to true, a score prefix is added to player chat.
    useExternalChat: false //When set to true, the plugin will use the external chat plugin.
    leaveCommand: false //When set to true, you will be able to use /leave to leave a game instead of /swr quit.
    pointsPerKill: 2 //number of points awarded per kill.
    pointsLostPerDeath: 1 //number of points lost per death.
    pointsLostPerLeave: 1 //number of points lost per leave.
    pointsPerWin: 10 //number of points awarded per win.
    vipMultiplier: 2 //The multiplier value added to points awarded to players with the permission.
    # kitsEnabled: true //enables kits
    # shopsEnabled: true //enables in game shop
    # spectateShopEnabled: true //enabled spectator shop
    # opChestsEnabled: true //enables OP Chest voting
    # timeVoteEnabled: true //enables Time voting
    # jumpVoteEnabled: true //enables Jump voting
    # highJumpValue: 2 //sets the jump boost value of high jump.
    # superJumpValue: 4 //sets the jump boost value of super jump.
    # godJumpValue: 8 /sets the jump boost value of god jump.
    # weatherVoteEnabled: true //enables weather voting.
    # lightningStrikeChance: 5 //chance that lightning will hit a random player during thunderstorm weather.
    # colorGlassEnabled: true //enables players to change their glass colors (with permissions)
    # particlesEnabled: true //enables players to change their particle effects (with permissions)
    # trailEffectsEnabled: true //enables players to change their trail effects (with permissions)
    # lobbyMenuEnabled: true //enables the lobby menu
    # optionsMenuEnabled: true //enables the in game options menu
    # purchaseColorGlassEnabled: true //enables the Color Glass shop
    # purchaseParticlesEnabled: true //enables the Particle Effects shop
    # purchaseTrailEffectsEnabled: true //enables the Trail Effects shop
    # purchasePermanentKitsEnabled: true //enables the Permanent Kit shop
    # showKitItemsandPotionEffects: true //when enabled, the items and potion effects are displayed in the kit info.
    # doubleChestAlwaysOP: true //when enabled, double chests are treated as OP chests (so you can have OP chests in the center of the map if you want)
    # playerJoinLobby: BLOCK_SLIME_STEP
    # playerLeaveLobby: ENTITY_SLIME_ATTACK
    # opChestVote: BLOCK_CHEST_OPEN
    # timeVote: ENTITY_TNT_PRIMED
    # weatherVote: ENTITY_PLAYER_SPLASH
    # enabled: false //If enabled the items below will be enforced if set to true.
    # hungerDisabled: true //Players will not lose hunger in lobby.
    # damageDisabled: true //Player will not take damage in the lobby (Void damage will still be allowed).
    # pvpDisabled: true //PVP will be disabled in the lobby.
    # playerBuildDisabled: true //Players will not be able to build or break blocks in the lobby.
    # playerInteractDisabled: true //Players will not be able to interact with blocks/items/picture frames/etc in the lobby.
    # weatherDisabled: true //When enabled the weather will always be clear in the lobby world.
    # daylightCycleDisabled: true //When enabled the time will always be Noon in the lobby world.
    #spawn: //use setspawn command to set a spawn point where people are teleported when leaving a game. This must be set before any game can be created.
    #commandWhiteList: //commands placed under the whitelist can be used by players ingame.
    # - '/swr quit'
    # - '/swr kit'
    # - '/swr shop'
    # - '/swr'
    # enabled: false //enable to store stats in a SQL database
    # saveInterval: 5 //time in minutes between SQL database updates - how often the plugin sends player stats to the database
    # hostname: localhost //hostname of the SQL database
    # port: 3306 //port of the SQL database
    # database: database //database being used
    # username: username //username for login to the SQL database
    # password: password //password for login to the SQL database
    #resaveDefaultMaps: false //When set to true the plugin will reload the maps that came with the plugin.
    # enabled: false //When enabled, the plugin will work with the SkyWarsReloaded bungeeMode plugin.
    # bungeeServerName: test //The bungee cord name of the SkyWars server.
    # lobbyServer: lobby //The name of the server (as found in bungeecord) where players will be sent when the game ends.

    Allows the user to create and destory swr signs swr.signs

    Allows the user to vote for OP chests in the lobby if OP Chest is enabled in the config swr.opchest

    Allows the user to use the spectator shop when spectating swr.spectateshop
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