SkyWars 1.0

Este Plugin Solo Soporta La 1.5.2

  1. ZuckerGame
    Español (Spanish)
    plugin original:
    creadores del plugin: Wietje, andypandy89
    cambio de vercion por: ZuckerGames
    vercion de minecraft: solo la 1.5.2 :D
    requiere del: worldedit,worldguard,essentials,vault,multiverse-
    core,WhatIsIt o_O
    si tienes el plugin en tu server mandame un PM = Mensage Privado o comentalo

    English (Inglés)
    Original plugin:
    creators of the plugin: Wietje , andypandy89
    vercion change by: ZuckerGames
    vercion Minecraft : 1.5.2 only :D
    It requires : WorldEdit , worldguard , essentials, vault , multiverse-
    core , WhatIsIt o_O
    if you have the plugin on your server send me a PM = Private Message or comment it

    Donate Paypal: [​IMG]

    Code (Text):

    [SkyWars]: Available commands:
    /sw leave - Leaves a SkyWars game
    /sw start - Starts a SkyWars games
    /sw setlobby - Set the Lobby
    /sw score - Displays the score of the give user
    /sw reload - Reloads the chests, kits and the plugin.yml
    /sw kit - Allows a player to pick kits

    Code (Text):
      # The world of the lobby spawn
      world: world
      # The spawn coordinates (X Y Z and additionally yaw and pitch)
      spawn: 0 64 0
      # The lobby radius. 0 for global.
      radius: 0
      # Score per kill
      per-kill: 3
      # Score per win
      per-win: 10
      # Score on death
      on-death: -1
      # Score on leave
      on-leave: -1
      # Score modifier for groups
          per-kill: 3
          per-win: 10
          on-death: -1
          on-leave: -1
    # Optional schematic specific configuration
        # The minimum amount of players for the timer to start
        min-players: 2
        # The count down timer before the game starts
        timer: 11
    # Unused at the moment
      # Statistics update interval
      update-interval: 600
      # Top X to be shown on the signs
      top: 30
    # Whether to use SQL or flat file for storage (FILE or SQL)
    data-storage: FILE
    # Requires data-storage to be set to SQL
      hostname: localhost
      port: 3306
      username: username
      password: password
      database: database
    # The amount of islands per row
    islands-per-row: 100
    # The allowed radius the player can move in beyond the map
    island-buffer: 5
    # Whether to build the schematic instead of pasting it straight in
    # This happens to freeze clients due to the chunk updates
      enabled: false
      # The interval in ticks (1 tick = aprox. 50ms)
      interval: 1
      # The amount of blocks per tick
      blocks-per-tick: 20
    # Whether to have the plugin put in the glass cages, disable this if you
    # use your own cages in the schematics. This has to be enabled when using
    # the island-building feature.
    build-cages: true
    # Whether to ignore AIR in the schematics (could leave some gaps in some schematics when enabled,
    # does improve pasting speed though).
    ignore-air: false
    # Whether to fill empty chests with the contents of chest.yml. Disable this if you want to use
    # schematics it preset chest contents.
    fill-empty-chests: true
    # Whether to fill already populated chests with the contents of chest.yml.
    fill-populated-chests: false
    # Whether to use the economy of the server to figure as score
    use-economy: false
    # Set this to true to disable kits entirely
    disable-kits: false
    # Set this to true to disable sound effects
    enable-soundeffects: false
    # Whether the chat formatting should be handled by a different plugin (e.g. EssentialsChat)
    chat-handled-by-other-plugin: false
    # Whether to clear inventory upon game join
    clear-inventory-on-join: true
    # Whether to save the inventory game join and to restore it on game leave
    save-inventory: false
    # Commands which should be allowed to be used in a Skywars game
    whitelisted-commands: [g, global]

    Code (Text):

    prefix: '&7[&cSkyWars&7]: '
      join: '&6{player} &ehas joined the game ({amount}/{slots})'
      required: '&e{amount} &6more players are needed before the game starts'
        playing: '&6{player} &ehas left the game {score}'
        other: '&6{player} &ehas left the game ({total}/{slots})'
      remaining: '&b{remaining}&6 player(s) remain!'
      death: '&9{player}&6 has been killed {score}&6.'
      kill: '&9{player} {player_score}&6 has been killed by &9{killer} {killer_score}&6.'
      countdown: '&eGame starting in &c{timer}&e seconds!'
      win: '&6{player}&e has won SkyWars on map &9{map} &a(+{score} score)&e!'
      start: '&5The battle has begun!'
        self: '&5You have been eliminated. Better &cluck&5 next time!'
        others: '&6Player &9{player}&6 has been eliminated!'
      local: '&e[L] {score} {prefix}&8{player} &e&l> &r&7{message}'
      global: '&c[G] {score} {prefix}&8{player} &c&l> &r&7{message}'
      cmd-disabled: 'This command is disabled during the game!'
      no-schematics: '&cThere are no schematics available.'
      not-in-game: '&cYou are not in a SkyWars game'
      already-started: '&cGame is already started'
      not-enough-players: '&cNot enough players'
      arena-under-construction: '&cArena is still under construction'
      insufficient-permissions: '&cInsufficient permissions!'
      player-only: '&aThis command may only be exeucted as a player'
      already-has-kit: '&cYou have already chosen a kit!'
      can-not-pick-kit: '&cYou can not pick a kit at this time!'
      no-such-kit: '&cNo such kit!'
      not-enough-score: '&cNot enough score to purchase this kit!'
      no-permission-kit: '&cNo permission to use this kit!'
      no-valid-score: '&cNot a valid score!'
      no-valid-player: '&cNot a valid player!'
      not-enough-arguments: '&cNot enough arguments. &f{example}'
      invalid-cmd: '&eInvalid command'
      lobby-set: '&aLobby spawn has been set.'
      reload: '&aChests, kits and plugin.yml has been reloaded'
      enjoy-kit: '&aEnjoy your kit!'
      score-set: '&6{player}&a''s score has been set to &6{value}'
      score-give: '&6{value} &ahas been added to &6{player}&a''s score'
      score-take: '&6{value} &ahas been removed from &6{player}&a''s score'
      available-commands: '&eAvailable commands:'
      score: '&a{player}''s score is: &6{value}'
      window-title: '&dKit Menu'
        no-permission: '&r&cNo permission'
      naming: ' score'


    Code (Text):

    # The first value is the chance of the item appearing in a chest
    # The second value is the item, this should be an Essentials item string
    - 100 apple 1

    2015-10-27_16.07.52.png 2015-10-27_16.06.58.png

    Donate Paypal: [​IMG]
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