SkywarsReloaded Extension | Advanced Join Options | IMPORTING MAPS | NPCs | 1.8x - 1.15x 1.4.1

The official SWR Extension. Adds useful features and necessary fixes to the plugin.

  1. SkywarsReloaded (updated) hook

    This update brings overriding features to the Skywars plugin. It now REQUIRES the updated version of SkywarsReloaded to be working. Install the latest version (above v4.2.4)!

    This adds a new option called override_item_join_actions. If you set this to true (which is default), it will override the join item actions of the SkyWarsReloaded plugin. It will then perform the action that you set for the option no_arena_specified_action.
    It also adds a new option to that one which is OPEN_CUSTOM_JOIN_MENU which will open the custom join menu of the extension. That menu supports pages, which the official one does not.
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