SkywarsReloaded Extension | Advanced Join Options | IMPORTING MAPS | NPCs | 1.8x - 1.15x 1.4.4

The official SWR Extension. Adds useful features and necessary fixes to the plugin.

  1. Creator and DisplayName command fix

    Fixed the creator and displayname command not using all specified arguments.
  2. Random Join Fixed + Join Menu Recoded

    Fixed NPC joining not working
    Fixed RANDOM_TEAM_JOIN and RANDOM_SOLO_JOIN where it would give an error message
    Recoded the join menu so it fits the latest update of SWR where item lores were configurable
  3. Renaming Arenas + Disable Auto-vote feature

    So apparently, I forgot to mention that there was a feature for auto-voting on the spigot site. And people's votes were just being auto-selected when they joined without owners knowing it. So I added the info to the site and also added an option to disable this feature.

    Added command to easily rename arenas: /swm rename [map] [new-name]
    Added option to disable the auto-vote select.
  4. 1.15 support + Changes

    Added 1.15 support.
    The RANDOM_JOIN actions are now picking the game with the highest amount of players instead of a completely random one.
    Now compatible with SkyWarsReloaded version 4.3.0.

    Please remember that you can get early access to all versions/updates of this (and all our other plugins) plugin via our dashboard site: My GCNT.
    Just register, and go to the plugins page, click...
  5. NPCs!

    Some guys in the official Discord really wanted me to add NPC support for joining games, so here it is!

    Added NPCs support. This feature depends on Citizens!
    Added a command to create a NPC: /sw createnpc [action]. The action could be either one of the values in the picture below.
    Added teleportation canceling in spectator mode when players try to teleport to outside the arena.

    * NPCs depend on the Citizens plugin. You need to...
  6. Addition Fix

    Hey everyone,

    So the previous update included an integration for AdditionsPlus adding custom events, but that threw an error when you didn't have it installed.
    But that's fixed now, so have a happy life y'all.

    Please suggest your features in our Discord, or by PMing me.
    We mostly add all requested features :)

    Fixed AdditionsPlus event integration.
  7. AdditionsPlus Event Integration + Small fixes

    Added support for the new AdditionsPlus Events API.
    Added events for the AdditionsPlus plugin.
    Fixed some small bugs.
  8. SkywarsReloaded (updated) hook

    This update brings overriding features to the Skywars plugin. It now REQUIRES the updated version of SkywarsReloaded to be working. Install the latest version (above v4.2.4)!

    This adds a new option called override_item_join_actions. If you set this to true (which is default), it will override the join item actions of the SkyWarsReloaded plugin. It will then perform the action that you set for the option no_arena_specified_action.
    It also adds a new option to...
  9. Uploaded the wrong plugin :)

    Ups :)
  10. Send Players To Game Command!

    Added a command to send other players to a game: '/sw send'.
    Fixed a typo in the configuration.