SkyWarsReloaded Plus 1.0

An experimental version of SkyWarsReloaded with improvements.

  1. Tedzi
    Walrusone (Project Lead) with contributions from zRA1Nz

    Since SkyWarsReloaded was taken by a developer I've decided to develop other stuff. I'll update the status if I decide to take this project again.

    SkyWarsReloaded is now inactive! As this plugin includes a lot of features, and many servers depend on it, I decided to take the project and make some changes.
    This is a version from SkyWarsReloaded with some differences regarding performance and map loading.

    - In SkyWarsReloaded, if you are using SignJoinMode and you have 30 maps, the 30 maps are loaded into memory. Which can be bad if you don't have the RAM to keep 200 maps in memory. This version, doesn't keep any map in memory.
    Maps are only loaded into memory when someone is inside the world. Be also warned that loading a map consumes CPU power.
    - I tried to modify some of the tasks of deleting and reloading the maps so they wouldn't affect the main thread so hard. However, it stills require a lot of work and I will try to update as soon as I have news.

    (soon there will be a way to configure this)

    Note: Use 1.8.7
    Next update I'll add all versions support.

    TO DO:
    1. Executes a command on win
    2. Implement a FAST regeneration schematic version, where users can choose either to use worlds or schematics. I will try to create an async schematic regeneration (like A-Sync World Edit) so when games are ending, the server doesn't lag.
    3. Give a player a little map with text and a logo at the end
    4. Reduce CPU consumption
    5. Better BungeeMode
    6. Add Teams
    7. Add a leaderboard with Auto-Update
    8. Add more events
    9. Your suggestion here ?

    Note: This is an experimental version, avoid using for something rather than tests. If you have any problem or suggestion to improve this plugin, contact me and I will add the changes.
    As soon as it's stable, I will update :b
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Recent Reviews

  1. LinsaFTW
    Version: 1.0
    Waiting for updates :D This is awesome... thank you for this plugin and keep the good work , and continue adding optimizations :)
  2. FerJekeey
    Version: 1.0
    Very like this plugin, and i'm waiting for plugin updates with team addons.
    When will be ready new updates of this plugin? Good luck meen. I hope you will succeed. :)
  3. markop123
    Version: 1.0
    I really like this plugin, but I have noticed some bugs:

    1) Arrow trails doesn't work at all.
    2) I can't change back the normal glass after changing it to any coloured glass.
    3) You can't use lobby/menu.. etc items in another world, they're stuck in the inventory.

    Thanks for maintaining this plugin, I really appreciate your hard work!
  4. Kjoenn
    Version: 1.0
    nice but fix the the arrow trails
    and please remove the caps when you vote for op chest like that i cant remove the caps its in the plugin

    and please add when there are 2 players the map will start

    because the system now works is worst

    like i have a 8 person map i have set the config on 50% only when 4 players the map will start

    when i join a 20 person map the map start when there are 10 people online i hope you will fix it <3
    1. Tedzi
      Author's Response
      Noted! I will add that to the list for the next version!
  5. Jonyto123
    Version: 1.0
    Good resource please update!!!!!!! im so excited with this project :3
    If you need any help contact me.