SkywarsReloaded UPDATED | Huge fixes | 1.15 Support! | New featuers! | 1.8x - 1.15x 4.3.0

The most popular Skywars plugin, but updated! New features, fixes and much more.

  1. 1.15! New command + Fixes

    Added 1.15 support!
    Added a command to set the team size: /swm teamsize. Before, you had to set it manually which was pretty annoying. So here it is :)
    Fixed join signs not working smoothly. You now no longer need an empty hand when joining through signs.
    Fixed a bug where the plugin wouldn't load due spawn issues. This should help a lot of people as it has been reported a lot.

    Please remember that you can get early access to all versions/updates of...
  2. Cross Version Fix

    Hey, so in the previous version I fixed the sign bug, but that created some other bugs regarding cross-version NMS things. But that's all fixed now.
    So use this version and you'll be fine :)
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  3. Marvellous Sign Bug Fix!

    Okay, so here's the deal:
    We kind of had a big struggle with the Signs where the wall signs kept being blank. But we fixed it. So I had no idea that the sign system had changed in 1.13, but I do not, added the new system support, and it works fine :)

    Added 1.13+ support for wall signs.
    Fixed wall sign bug for 1.13 and 1.14.
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  4. Extension Integration

    This update adds support for the SkywarsReloaded-Extension.
    If you set the option override_item_join_actions to true in the config.yml of the extension, Skywars will override the actions of the join menu when clicking the item in the menu based on what you set the option no_arena_specified_action to in...
  5. Small Changes

    Added a small method for plugins to check if it's the updated version because this version has some new/changes methods that can cause errors if the server has installed the updated version but the plugin hooks into the actual plugin.
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  6. Look Direction Spawn + Fixes + API Events!

    Added look direction for arenas. You can set the location players will look at when they spawn in their cages. This is configurable in the config. Set it with /swm spawn look.
    Added developer API events.
    Fixed spawn bug being thrown on startup when it wasn't set.
    Fixed wall sign bug for 1.13+
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  7. Fixes + New Features

    Fixed sign bug for 1.13+ where it was only detecting POST signs
    Added when deleting a world, all players in that world are being teleported to the lobby spawn
    Fixed a bug where normal players where able to break signs. You now need the permission 'sw.signs'. You also need to sneak now
    Fixed a bug where the gamemode was set before teleporting to arena. Could cause interruptions with perWorld plugins