SkywarsReloaded UPDATED | Huge fixes | 1.15 Support! | New features! | 1.8x - 1.15x 4.4.2

The most popular Skywars plugin, but updated! New features, fixes and much more.

  1. BungeeCord fixes

    Added a new feature that removes the player's join and quit messages.
    Fixed bug where players were instantly being returned to the lobby when joining a game on Bungeecord servers.
    Fixed the join menu being empty on Bungeecord game servers (this shouldn't really be used though).
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  2. New config options + Fixes

    Added console support for the '/swm list' command.
    Added a new option to disable the scavenger chest.
    Added a new option to just disable the join items without disabling the menus completely.
    Fixed some issues in the NMS (version based method) handlers causing the plugin to crash on some versions.
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  3. Bungeecord is here!

    Added bungeecord support. The previous system was not working.
    Added sign support for bungeecord lobbies. Previously, it wasn't possible to join through signs on bungeecord networks.
    Added a {level} placeholder to the lobby scoreboard, and %swr_level% and {swr_level} to (MVdW)PAPI.
    Fixed some issues with the Messenger system that sends skywars messages.
    Fixed a bug regarding the PvP-wait-timer.
    Fixed the bug in Bungeecord games where you were...
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  4. Menu fixes | API Changes

    Fixed spectator menus not being clickable.
    Changed some API changes for future extension updates.
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  5. Fixed download link

    Entered the wrong download link. Should be fixed now.
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  6. Damage fix, cage fix and more!

    Version: 4.3.4

    Added a new clear inventory on win option to the config
    Added a new enable flight on win option to the config (this already was a feature, but now it's configurable)
    Added quickRespawn for players that won a game. If they jump into the void and reach y=-10, they will be teleported to the spectator spawn
    Fixed cages folder not being created automatically.
    Fixed cages to support .schem files as well (for 1.13 )
    Fixed players not getting...
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  7. SCHEMATIC CAGES + A lot of Fixes and Adds

    First of all, an important one, we are now hosting the downloads on our own platform: My GCNT. We will not be removing this resource from spigot or such a thing, we only changed the place to download it.
    This is because of recent feature adds, we have to make a separate version for 1.8-1.12 and 1.13+. We were able to easily do this on our own site.
    The page contains official builds and snapshots. Snapshots contain just-added features and fixes and are mostly not tested. If you want a stable...
  8. Arenas Menu is back! + New option

    It took us some time, but the arenas menu is back!
    You can now manage your arenas through that menu again like you used to be.

    Fixed arenas menu being empty.
    Added option in the config.yml to disable the winning broadcast.

    Make sure to install the Extension if you haven't already. It's really good.
  9. Startup fix

    Fixed an error on startup that caused the plugin to not work.
  10. Menu Customization + Fixes

    Added customization for the join menus. Item lores are now configurable in the messages.yml under the section menu.
    Added per-arena customization for arena join icons in the join menu. Each arena can now have its own item on the menu.
    Fixed a sign interaction error.
    Fixed leaderboard signs giving errors on walls.